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May Newsletter--comment

PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 9:00 am
by iluvtolaff
Minnie, thank you so much for the opening statement in May's Newsletter! That made me feel so good!!

(From the newsletter)................

"Well, I'm here to tell you we are the biggest segment of society and we're VERY important! Here we are, in the prime of our lives, taking care of ourselves, our kids, our grandkids and, in many cases, our parents! We are affecting the economy with every purchase (or non-purchase) we make and instead of being "invisible", we are in the forefront of advertisers' minds, as well as politicians and companies who are developing new products. In other words, we have a lot of pull in the world today because of sheer numbers! I'm biased of course, but women are the biggest force behind progress and change in the world, so don't allow yourself to feel insignificant or invisible."

PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 10:17 am
by minniepauz
You're very welcome and thank YOU for commenting on that! :) I think I will post it around the site and the message board in case there's someone who didn't see it! :)

PostPosted: Sat May 06, 2006 8:23 pm
by colopam
We do need to remember our number do count, so often it feels like we're discounted when actually we have the numbers on our side. We've got to start using this and as your website helps empower us (and each of us contributing to empower each other) we can make our presence known and make a difference for those that came before us and especially for those that are to come after!!!

Hugs Pam