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Postby mariaboek » Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:36 pm

I could use some help. I'm almost 45. I have 3 kids, my youngest is 7. I have had what I feel have been subtle signs of peri for the past 6 years. Moods, cycles is shorter (from 28 to 24 days), hair loss, headaches, memory fatigue, loss libido...etc. When I do get my period, I do tend to get itchy before and after it ends now. My hemmroids get irritated most periods too. Also for the past year have been dealing with sinusitus/headaches and allergies---and I have never had to deal with this before (not sure if this is related)....but I've been put on antibiotics 3X in the past 7 months for having fluid in my ears---from the sinusitus. I have been to ENT for sinusits, who told me I had TMJ. Went to Dentist to rule out tooth infections causing sinus problems. It's been a strange road. Now to my spotting...the first time was right after my pup was hit and killed by a car in June. I thought it was stress from the surreal events---and didn't pay too much attention to it. I was very depressed for a good 3 wks---about the loss of my pup. I felt responsible and feel terribly guilty because we eventually put her down due the the fact that the costs to save her were insurmountable. The spotting lasted for 2.5 days, but wasn't really pad worthy, it was day 9 of my cycle . The second time was Sept, day 8 of my cycle. This time my girlie bits were irritated, inflamed, but the spotting was not a lot, not pad worthy. I had some constipation a couple weeks earlier---not normal for me either. I also noticed I had breast tenderness a few days before period, last time I had that much sensation was well before kids were born. SO--I went to the DR right away--bc this is not normal for me. I was worried. The on call Dr said I had a yeast infection (maybe from last round of antibiotics a month earlier??). I was put on diflucan. Said if this doesn't clear up---and I spot again, we should investigate further. This month--Oct, I spotted again---day 8. This was definitely seen in cervical mucus. My gyne got me in right away. No UTI. Sent out labs to test for infections...I did not get a call. He said if it was no infections---that it just could very well be that I am starting to see dips in hormone levels, especially since it seems to be happening around the same time of my cycle. He said that from an internal, my cervix looked ok...and he felt a fibroid. He assured me these things are normal with my age/timing/etc. He wants to follow my next 3 cycles---do an u/s after my next cycle...and stressed nothing I am telling him is worrisome. The only other symptom I am feeling is a dull pain in my back---right side. It feels like I am ovulating already. I do feel quite stressed and moody/irritated all the time....and yelling at my kids all the time.

Does this kind of spotting sound like peri or could it be something more? I know antibiotics brings on yeast infections--but do dips in hormones bring on yeast infections? Anyway--I'm nervous where this is going. My mom and her sisters started menopause in their mid 40's, my mom was 43. My periods have never been painful or heavy. No history of breast/uterine/cervical cancers in the family. Any advice? Anyone out there? :banghead:
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Re: Spotting?

Postby minniepauz » Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:34 am

Maria....yes, all of it sounds like peri-menopause and it sounds like your doctors are really watching for anything out of the ordinary. I can tell you that millions of women would identify with everything you said and also the feeling that everything seems out of whack! :(( Please hold on to your sanity, keep your sense of humor and keep in touch! Join us over at the Minnie Pauz Facebook page too: ... 1553515455
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