Emo-Hostility with a dash of crying on the side

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

Emo-Hostility with a dash of crying on the side

Postby angie » Wed May 11, 2005 3:18 pm

Yesterday I got my period - if that's what you call it. :shock:

Like the other post... it barely makes wearing a pantiliner necessary.

All that being said...

The worst part is I am sooo emotional and hostile. I really don't know how to deal with it. After all the hostility I am crying my eyes out. I am just sooo P.O.'d . What is with that?? I feel like it's just not me. Am I out of estrogen? I had been using the natural progesterone cream, but can't right now because of my so-called-period. Is there any natural alternatives to alleviate or reduce the P.O.'d-ness???

This is worse than all the PMS I've ever had. :cry:

My husband is throughly confused and hurt, since he seems to be the main target since we work together!

How can I diffuse this weird anger business??

Is this a symptom of peri-menopause or am I in menopause.

What can I do???

I am begging for some advice... please help me! :cry:

Postby michelilow » Wed May 11, 2005 4:09 pm

Hi Angie,
I so understand how you feel with the anger, as mine is really bad in the week before my period starts. I nearly broke my husbands knuckle last week as I threw a vase, not meaning to hit him, but he got in the line of fire. I can change in matter of seconds from someone who has the patience of a saint, to the wife & mum from hell! It is affecting everyone in the house & I know I cannot do anything about it, so the only way I have learned to cope with it is to either warn someone is it coming so they can take cover, or if possible, walk out of the door & take a while to try & calm down. I tend to have the crying fits afterwards too, so you are not alone. I was hoping that the progesterone may help, as I have sent for some cream, but after reading you message I am a little concerned it might not. I suppose I cant loose anything though by giving it a try.
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Reply to michele

Postby Angie » Wed May 11, 2005 4:36 pm

Hi Michele,
I hope I didn't scare you...when I went back and read my post it did me! :oops:

Actually the progesterone really does help... especially with sleeping at night. Very RELAXING ! It has really helped with that alot of symptoms.
But since I am on my period (?) I cannot use it... you have to go off of it for a few days at that time.

From reading on the other posts... I think I'm running out of estrogen now.
So the progesterone can only help so much - I guess. That's why I am having a very scant period. I really don't care about the period part... I just wish the bloating would cease and the emotional :evil: rollercoater would stop.

Please do give the progesterone cream a try. It really does help with alot!

I guess this whole thing just caught me off guard that's all at 42 1/2 I really thought I was too early for this stuff.... hope I can be a bit more "graceful" tomorrow with the emotional stuff! :wink:

I am going to try this other supplement... will post if it actually works for any symptoms. Maybe it will help us ALL!!

Take care,

Postby Zetti » Wed May 11, 2005 5:03 pm

Ack, I've had that irritability/hostility/searing rage problem for quite awhile myself.

Didn't connect the dots till recently that peri was the culprit. I'm on Lexapro now, an anti depressant. I daresay it helps b/c when I went off of it for awhile, well let's just say it was not at all pretty . . .

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Postby Zero » Wed May 11, 2005 6:46 pm

Angie....you're in a "safe zone" around here so no apologies are needed for letting off steam or even acting a little crazy...hahahah! We SO understand that it doesn't even require an explanation, but it IS good to hear from everyone more than once, just to make sure they're ok! :)

As you probably already realize, it is so helpful when even ONE person responds with compassion, empathy or understanding, and most of the time here you will get several responses. It's just a wonderful mechanism (the internet & message boards) that has improved our lives and allowed us to have thousands of new girlfriends!!

Just to let you know...my periods completely stopped when I was around 42 and severe hotflashes started. I don't even know (or remember) what other symptoms I had because I wasn't relating to menopause at that time and no one was even mentioning peri...... that was 15 years ago.

Postby parts2you » Sat May 14, 2005 12:57 pm

this happened to me this week for the first time in a very long time. on tue i got an email from my ex that sent me into a raving manical tailspin. as i read it,i felt my blood pressure rising,i was shaking,and its a good damn thing he wasnt in front of me!!! and the thing is, it shouldnt have made me that way.....pissed me off alittle-but not a reaction like that. since then,the rage turned into disappointment,depression,and the crying out of nowhere over---i didnt even know what!!!!!! then you know how we have those little pity parties................it goes from one thing to a a million other little things,sort of like the crying drunks!!
well, on thursday i got my second period after not having any for four months. so boy, did i then REALLY feel like an idiot.
BUT I WILL NEVER ADMIT IT!!! men want to blame everything on everybody or everything else as it is, and as i always have said--these hormonal times dont CAUSE the reaction,they just give us the balls (excuse me) to say what we feel!!!!!!
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Postby Relevant » Sat May 14, 2005 1:06 pm

X husbands sure can do that to a person. I hope you felt better when it was all over.
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Postby parts2you » Sat May 14, 2005 1:34 pm

yes, that is the funny thing. today,i still stand for what i have said, and feel about things pertaining to the relationship we had. (hes an ex bf not husband of over two years) and i do find that thru my life, there are certain basics that i dont back down on (not just with him,but with my kids and some other people too) maybe our hormones make us alittle more animated,and our feelings alittle more exaggerated at times, but that is what makes women WOMEN and men MEN. so, i have to forgive myself for the reactions--but not the feelings..................................

as far as all this premen stuff, it has gotten alot better in the past year or so, and i think it makes me hopeful that it will STAY better, then when the symptoms(both physical and mental) return for a bit, it is disappointing and hard to deal with.

but hey....the good days have been far outweighing the bad, so i just have to keep focused on that!!! :)
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Postby fiona » Sun May 22, 2005 3:31 pm

Hi Girls~~I can relate to the hostile feelings :x I was feeling great, then started feeling like my period was about to come, and I turned into a nasty lady!! Hubby understands now, but there were times he didn't. I missed 4 periods, then had 2 in one month, now after 3 weeks feels like it's about here..geez..why shouldn't we get hostile and nasty!! I usually wait till hubby leaves, then I throw something, lol!!

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Postby drjudy » Sun May 22, 2005 5:11 pm

Dear Angie,

I think you are running low on estrogen. At your age, you would often expect to still have regular cycles with lots of estrogen. Consider talking to your doctor about trying some supplemental estrogen--I think it would improve your mood.

Best wishes,
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question from new member

Postby rosestarlov » Fri Aug 05, 2005 2:44 am

wow this is incredible. I am having almost every symptom - including this major rage then crying after. But I am still having regular and heavy periods. My doctor has been testing everything on me. But it sounds like I am just having either heavy perimenopause (Im 45) or going into menopause. I ask her about that and she said if my estrogen levels were dropping I would not be having periods still????

I can't tell you how much better this site has made me feel. I have been wondering what the heck is wrong with me.

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Postby minniepauz » Fri Aug 05, 2005 6:36 am

Welcome aboard! You may have misunderstood your doc (or she just didn't explain clearly enough), but "the change" means a slow process where your body is producing less and less estrogen. Your periods start getting irregular and you may even skip some, like even a few months with none. All of this is called peri-menopause and can go on from 3 to 10 years (sorry, but look how long you had your periods), even longer for some women. When you haven't had a period for a full 12 mo., then you are considered IN menopause and post-menopausal.

It can be pretty confusing trying to put a label on the exact time you go from peri to post, but just realizing that we're all different and will have somewhat different experiences through this transition, will give you some reassurance that you're ok and within the norm.

Just keep reading and asking questions until you feel more secure that you understand what is going on, then you can better decide what options you have for soothing the hot flashes and other symptoms. :)
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Postby drjudy » Fri Aug 05, 2005 11:01 am

Dear Rose,

I have some thoughts that I will post later today.

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Postby drjudy » Sat Aug 06, 2005 12:24 am

Most notable about perimenopause is the fluctuations in estrogen levels. Early in perimenopause as the ovaries start to run out of readily available egg follicles, the pituitary works harder to stimulate them via follicle stimulating hormone or FSH.

When the ovaries are still responsive, they end up producing more estrogen than ever before. In addition, fat, breast, and muscle tissue converts other hormones to estrogen under the influence of lots of FSH. As a result, we develop symptoms of hyperestrogenism, including bloating, tender swollen breasts, irritability, and heavy periods.

Just as bad, however, is the plunge from high to low that happens during these early perimenopausal cycles just before menstruation. This rapid drop produces terrible PMS and mood changes.

So your situation is just a typical one on the not-so-wonderful road to menopause called perimenopause. Humor and the company of other women who have been there or are doing it are a must on this journey. Welcome to minniepauz where you can find all that, and more.

Best wishes,
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