Internal shaking/quivering

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Internal shaking/quivering

Postby SPR1956 » Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:46 pm

I've been experiencing something new amongst the myriad of symptoms I already have. I lie down at night and have a shivering/quivering/mild shaking. Sometimes I feel it in my chest, other times in my abdomen. My last period, I swear, I felt my uterus quivering. I've never experienced this before. I have experienced atrial fibrillation in the past and what I feel in my chest is not that (I've checked my apical pulse several times to make sure).
Does anyone know what causes this? Is there a treatment for it?
I'm scheduled for surgery in early Dec and am wondering if it will stop post op.
I want to think it is my horrormonally challenged body crying out for horrormones. :wink:
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Postby drjudy » Sat Nov 05, 2005 11:39 am

Don't sell your stock in Kimberly Clark! Even if you blissfully end your need for sanitary supplies, there's a world of baby boomers still snapping them up off the shelf.

Quivering at night...what a weird feeling that must be. I've heard that complaint from others; in fact, I think several other posters on the forum here have mentioned it. I wish I had a wise explanation for you (we doctors love to know-it-all) but I don't. I suspect you are right, however, that it is related to hormonal imbalance. Estrogen receptors are present throughout the nervous system, and yours sound like there twitching unhappily with their current lack of the right estrogen in the right amount.

Hopefully, a post-surgical solution of the right hormonal blend will improve your night-time situation. Research suggests that a woman of 49 can safely use hormone therapy as she enters menopause naturally or abruptly, as you will. I hope you and your doctors can find a balance for you soon.

Best wishes,
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