opinion of the patch dumping too much estrogen

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opinion of the patch dumping too much estrogen

Postby ckvk45 » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:42 pm

Hi all ,
was just wondering if any of you have heard of this or experienced it ...using a patch , be it vivelle dot or any other ...having it dump its medicine rather fast in your body to leave you dry the next few days ..
this is what my gyn thought i had happen to me ..i would put on a patch be very dizzy within hours , not be able to sleep the night i put it on ...with the next few nights i could sleep and didnt have the dizzies but had some mild migraine ...i was using afull dose vivelle patch .. then i would end of cutting it down cause i felt it hit me too much .....
so now i am on estrogel and it was upped and i still am having some bad flashes ..
also notice i get a bit dizzy after applying the estrogel for a few hours at full pump dose ...i didnt notice at a half pump as much ...........i really would like to go back to the dot ...i always used it before i showered and used a small bit of rubbing alcohol over the site where i applied it so it would stick well ...could any of this cause that ???
the estrogel is fine for mild flashes , but not these terrible things ...
thank you
Hugs, V
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