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Postby Wizard » Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:41 am

I hope I can get some input on what I'm currently going through. I'm 47 and in what I assume is perimenopause. I'm still getting a period each month although my cycle has shortened from about 30 days down to around 25/26. Also, my period lasts longer, around 8 days. I haven't had hot flashes at all yet.

Over the last month or so, I've been getting anxiety attacks for the first time in my life. I find that they primarily centre around my health and fears that I won't see my kids grow up. All sort of gloom and unlike me.

I know my health is good (heck, I do an advanced step class several times a week and lift weights) but I still worry about getting major ailments. I did some minor damage to my knee which necessitated getting an xray and u/s and in the course of getting those worried that I had bone cancer, ms, and every other disease.

I find that depending on where I am in my cycle, the anxiety can suddenly lift and I'm fine.

MY sister is 2 yrs younger than me and has been going through peri-menopause for the last few years and also suffered these anxiety attacks, also about her health but other issues as well. She has now gone about 6 mths without a period and is anxiety free for the first time in ages.

Does this sound normal for perimenopause? Is there something I can do to lessen the attacks? How can I make myself feel sane again?

I'd appreciate any advice.

When I tried talking to my doctor about it, he seemed to feel that since I was still getting a period regularly, that I wouldn't have perimenopausal symptoms. I have an appt with my gyn for a pap smear but it isn't until Jan.
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