Natural meno remedies ??

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

Natural meno remedies ??

Postby cin-d-rella » Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:20 am

Hi All,
As many of you, I saw this on the MSN homepage today. Don't know if it is really true because i haven't tried it, but it couldn't hurt and may help some of us. Good luck.......Cin-d.

Dixon describes sage as "a refrigerant," because of its ability to stop menopausal symptoms like night sweats or hot flashes. She suggests infusing a cup of cold tea with sage. It's also drying, so it can be applied as a paste to help canker sores, and its antiseptic qualities make it a good mouthwash to gargle when you have a sore throat.

Celery seed...........good for gas and digestive upsets. I'm DEFINITELY trying it for gas and bloating !!! :oops:
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Postby minniepauz » Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:56 am

Just saw this post, so I'm bringing it back up to the top :)
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