Embarrassed to say...

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

Embarrassed to say...

Postby DonnaBeth » Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:48 pm

Hey ladies...Hope you might help, while we all giggle through these changes. I am 50 and the first female in my family to go through the change. Grandma and Mom had surgery, LONG before the change. I say, with some hesitation, that I have no EARTHLY idea what to expect.

What I "can" tell you is that I have one itchy patch on my pubic area. No bugs, no infection. It has been with me for 2 years and I've about had enough. I lost weight after a divorce, back then. I began wearing "prettier" jeans. I've narrowed it down to this: Not drying-off enough, after showering and wearing tight slacks or pre-menopausal itching. Either way, a consistent regiment of drying the area well, after my shower and (YES-PLEASE LAUGH) Cruex spray, twice daily, seems to keep it away.

As soon as I let up, though, it returns.

Any thoughts or experiences are VERY much appreciated.
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Re: Embarrassed to say...

Postby gorgeousfluffpot » Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:10 am

Oh DonnaBeth, I've had an itchy mimsy for about a year and the desperate urge to scratch is particularly hard to control in public. I've changed washing powder, wear only cotton knickers, put yoghurt down there - you name it. Now I know I don't have an infection so I think it is probably just my skin changing. I went through a period where all my skin itched in odd places, like it was more sensitive, and I was vacuuming the bed mattress as I thought I had fleas. But there's no bites, nothing - it's just a sensation of very itchy skin which is a common menopausal complaint.
But you can publicly scratch yourself to ease the itch and never, ever can you scratch your front-bottom in public. Which is strange because men are always playing with their balls and scratching their scrotum and it's just acceptable. But put a hand down below and it's rude, or else people think you are having a secret fumble with yourself.
I have no solution. Wash with soap, or wash without. Rinse well, put on knickers. Or rinse well, put on calamine cream and no knickers. Wipe some yorhurt to ease the itch. Or nothing. I've tried everything but just accept that I've got to put up with my itchy oops-a-daisy until such time as it decides to calm down.
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Re: Embarrassed to say...

Postby minniepauz » Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:02 am

Welcome DonnaBeth.....if you've tried everything GorgeousFluffpot has suggested, you might want to try Benadryl cream asking your doc for anti-itch meds or your pharmacist for probiotics.

I'm understanding that this is on the outside of your skin, right? With this many women who can offer suggestions (because they KNOW what you're talking about!), we should have you itch-free in no time! LOL

I hope you'll go to your profile and add a little more info about yourself!
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