I feel like I'm Morphing...

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

I feel like I'm Morphing...

Postby SLee » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:57 pm

This site has helped me so much. I feel sad that it has slowed to the point that it has, cause when I 1st came here, it was booming...hard to get a post in edgewise. It's hard to let your guard down and join and pour your heart out and get - NOTHING! I feel bad for the newbies who aren't getting the activity that was going on at the time I joined. At the same time - as a newbie - I took an idea and ran with it and never looked back...until I needed help again. For all of these truths I apologize and am grateful. I thought I would add my 2-cents-worth on what I am calling - MORPHING.

I started adding supplements like an addict since I 1st joined this site. Every time I read a success story, I would put that in my daily arsenol of pills to take. I was a natural progesterone creme addict. Anything that said 'herbal & hormone' on the label was my friend. I was taking daily natural progesterone creme with woman's formula Noni juice with a herbal hormone complex pill with soy milk and I could go on forever.

My hot flashes got completely out of control. My night sweats kept me from sleeping at all. I had constant panic and anxiety and it escalated during the night when everyone else was sleeping peacefully. I did not want to leave the house. I cancelled our family vacation. A handy-man who was working at our home tried to call 911 during one of my hot flashes. I could not attend an event or a movie or check-out at the grocery store without melting from the inside out. The depression was suicidal. My husband and adult children responded by keeping their distance and blaming my 'poor attitude'. No one ever wanted to hear about the research I had done or bothered to do any of their own. They just wanted the old MOM back.

A while back - I decided to quit EVERYTHING! I felt it couldn't be any worse than what was happening to me. I started researching symptoms of 'progesterone dominance'. I did not realize that this was a possibility and that the progesterone creme I was using was stored in fat and could accumulate to a toxic level. I got off anything that had the words 'herbal hormone' in the title. I slowly introduced a D3 supplement, a multi B vitamin, mega L-glutamine (nearly 3000 mgs daily), and a highly concentrated calcium/magnesium/C & D3 liquid. I have always taken D-Mannose for warding off UTI's. I take a daily acidopholous for good intestinal flora.

THE OUTCOME: Night sweats completely gone (but I still get warm sometimes). Hot flashes do not involve sweat and are few and far between. No waking up panicked during the night. I wake up, and I either get up or just stay in bed and hope for the best, but I usually fall back asleep. My foggy thoughts are more focused ( I used to tell people I had adult ADHD). My joints are less achey...but the strangest thing to me is...when this all started...I used to have long/straight hair. The worse the flashes, the more hair I cut off. I was OK with my new short dew (not hubby) as I suddenly had all of this curly new body in my hair. I looked like I'd had a perm. Since changing my supplement intake, my hair looks like I iron it again - straight as a stick. I'm not happy about this.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all. I just thought it was my turn to give back as this is a puzzling time in our lives. Anybody else Morphing???
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Re: I feel like I'm Morphing...

Postby minniepauz » Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:39 pm

WONDERFUL POST!! Thanks so much Slee!! :)
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