Hourly Hot Flashes

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Hourly Hot Flashes

Postby HotOne » Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:00 pm

Hello Ladies~

I'm hoping someone can relate to my issue. I'm 46 yrs "young" & have been experiencing hot flashes for about 1 month now. Just out of curiosity, I timed them. I have one an hour & they start when I wake up in the morning & continue until I go to bed @ night. I'm also awakened with night sweats. Does anyone know, will these hot flashes continue this frequently or will they hopefully taper off a little bit? I've never had any children & am hoping that I'll go thru peri/meno. earlier than women who have had children. Anybody have an opinion on that? Just one more thing, can anyone suggest some vitamins or herbs that help hot flashes?

Thank you!
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Postby drjudy » Fri Oct 22, 2004 5:01 pm

Everyone is so different in the way they experience this adventure, and I certainly sympathize with your experience. Sometimes frequent hot flashes taper off quickly, occasionally to return again in the future. Some not-so-lucky ladies continue on with show-stopping day flashes and sleep destroying night flashes on an ongoing basis.

The two factors most likely to influence your age at menopause are your mother's experience and cigarette smoking (which hastens the change). Whether or not you had children does not correlate with it.

All sorts of products have been tested for hot flashes. Vitamin E, black cohosh, dong quai, isoflavones, red clover (Promensil), soy in every shape and form. Whole soy foods such as soy nuts or edamame seem to have the most convincing effects. There is a product called Femarelle made from tofu that has pretty good supporting data; I've heard from some women that it is quite helpful.

Even those researchers most concerned about the dangers of hormone therapy seem to agree that the temporary use of HRT to relieve flashes is safe.

I hope yours abate soon or you find an effective treatment. Hourly flashes and night-time sweats cannot be enhancing the quality of your life right now!

Best wishes,
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