Too Young?

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

Too Young?

Postby Under30 » Fri Jan 07, 2005 10:01 pm

Hello Everyone, I just joined this forum and I havent read through everything yet.

I am 28 years old and a mom of a 3 year old little girl. For about 2 years now my periods have been pretty scarce. I only get one about once every 4 months or so. Not to mention that I have no sexual drive whatsoever. For the past 6 months Ive been breaking out like I did when I was 16. Is it possible I could be going through menopause or the beginning of it? My husband claims Im too young. But I know that it is possible. I also saw this new home testing kit you can get to test for menopause and the stage. Has anyone tried it? Is it acurate? I do not have medical insurance so I cant go to the Dr at this time till I can actually afford it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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Postby drjudy » Sat Jan 08, 2005 11:06 am

Dear Under30,

It is possible to go through menopause at your age, although it is called premature ovarian failure rather than menopause.

Your skin breakouts, however, suggest that another kind of hormone imbalance may be at fault. A condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is caused by a resistance to insulin and too much of the male hormones called androgens in the body. Along with changes in menstrual cycles, this imbalance can create acne, a tendency to put on weight, and an increase in body hair on the arms, face, and abdomen. Sometimes, a change in menstrual cycles with fewer or no periods is the only symptom.

Besides the bother of the acne, etc., PCOS can cause infertility and increases risk for diabetes. I hope that you are able to visit with a doctor soon to figure out what is going on. There are useful treatments for both PCOS and premature ovarian failure. Testing can also determine if any other problems such as a thyroid imbalance are contributing to your lack of periods.

Best wishes,
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Postby Coping » Tue Jan 11, 2005 12:52 pm

I'm certainly no doctor but my 16 year old daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS. A three hour fasting/glucose blood work-up which included a complete hormone and thyroid work-up was all it took to confirm the diagnosis. She had an unusual acne breakout (which included some facial hair) and complete lack of periods so they put her on birth control pills. When she stops the pills, her period stops which is what prompted them to start looking. A very compassionate OB/GYN ran these tests and told her she was textbook. (Ironically I see that OB/GYN's husband who isn't so compassionate about Peri)

Oddly enough the treatment for PCOS ended up being birth control pills (the same as I'm on for peri) and diet/exercise (again, same for peri). We get a big kick out of it but honestly we both feel better!

Under30, I know its difficult when you don't have health insurance but as soon as you can, you should be checked out. There is a ton of useful information on the internet regarding PCOS including a website similar to this one. In the meantime, maybe you can see if any of that information rings true for you.

Best wishes!
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Postby Under30 » Fri Jan 14, 2005 12:08 pm

Thank you both very much. I will do some research on the net. And hopefully soon I can go see a doctor. Thanks again!
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