Hello I'm new and have some questions

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

Hello I'm new and have some questions

Postby Belles » Wed Jan 19, 2005 6:33 am

First some background about me and as to why I find myself here.

I turn 44 next week. I had my last baby when I was 41. Not planned just happened and have a 10 year gap between this wee guy and the previous one. This last one turns 3 in Feb. Hubby has had a vasecetomy beginning of last year and unless it has grown back and I'm pregnant again then something is going on with me that I need some reasurance with.

I have not noticed any major changes in my period untill the last one which was very very heavy. Then about a week after it was finished I apeared to have some sort of discharge that seemed to have very small amounts of old blood in it. I went to the Doctor and as I had the toddler with me at the time he just gave me a prescription for thrush which I duely undertook to follow. My next periods due estimated time of arrival has since been and gone and I'm starting to feel somewhat axious about its lack of appearance and then today I have had some more of what I had that prompted me to go to the Doctor and I thought yahhhhhhhhhh my period has arrived but then it was just that nothing more just a bit of old bloody spotting.

I feel bloated, my breast are tender, I have been feeling weepy and irritable. Not sleeping that well but not really hot accept that it is summer here and hot anyway sort of. Looking at some of the symptoms I now am aware that I have had bouts of dizziness over the last two years that might mean something and right now I am dizzy sort of like my head is just a bit floaty and I also have some tingling in my fingers.

I have had some experience of palpitations as well but usually put that down to anxiety surrounding how I'm feeling.

I guess I should ask my mum too how it was for her maybe.

Should I go to the Doctor again? I'm not really distressed to much but the only thing that is really worrying me is if my husband is in that 0.025% of men who's vascetomies grow back and I'm pregnant. I don't think my body would cope with that again -- I know what it was like at 41 and I have to much I want to do now :cry:

Thanks for reading my essay lol.

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Postby drjudy » Thu Jan 20, 2005 10:34 am

Dear Belles,

You are correct that rarely a vasectomy fails, so get a pregnancy test as soon as possible to put your mind at ease. Chances are that you are not pregnant, but rather experiencing the first glitches in your cycle that indicate perimenopause.

If you did not ovulate after your last period (and because it was a heavy period, chances are you didn't ovulate before that one either), your brain is putting out frantic hormonal messages to your ovaries to produce an egg. In response, your ovaries, adrenal glands, fat, muscle and breast tissues are all producing as much estrogen as possible. Thus, you are over-estrogenized, resulting in bloating, breast tenderness, and mood changes.

Assuming you are not pregnant, you are due for a humdinger of a heavy period as a result of all this estrogen without balancing progesterone. I hope your doctor will take another look at your situation with you and consider alternative therapies.

Best wishes,
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Thank you and I'm not pregnant tg phewwwwwwwwwwwww

Postby Belles » Thu Jan 20, 2005 7:25 pm

I didn't need to go to the Doctor for the test as my period although very late has now put in its appreance and yes your right it is a doozy although it came on very slowly which is very out of character. I'm also very ache with it just all over and particularly in my joints. More noticable this morning lying in bed than anything now I'm up and about its not so bad.

I have always been very aware of my ovulation with pain for a about 3 or 4 hours out of one day every month when it happens and I do recall some pain this month but maybe not last month so will keep an eye on that from now on.

I certainly have a lot of other symptoms that I have seen others have here and that I have seen listed elsewhere and have had some of them for some time now off and on. None of them particularly bother me now that I know what they more than likely are and the main one that I would have expected -- hot flushes I have not really had yet and my mum said they where all she did experience and they where mild anyway -- she never experienced what I am now as she had had a hystorectomy by my age or there about.

Once again thank you for your response and I will certainly keep an eye on this board and my own symptoms from now on.

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