i dont even know where to start

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

i dont even know where to start

Postby parts2you » Thu Feb 10, 2005 1:08 am

i am REALLY confused. maybe drjudy can offer some advice. back in the summer i didnt get my period for about four months...the first two was yucky spotty the second nothing. i am 50, and have posted before.
some time before that i was having major problems with dizziness,and wierd head things. cat scan was normal, and finally on about the third trip to the dr or er, a physican said he thought my whole problem was inner ear problems of some sort, though no infection was present. he prescribed a water pill (hydrochoroloth). i thought he was way off base, but used them and I cant remember what day it was, (but no later than the third, i got a VERY bad head episdoe with the dizziness while i was driving. luckily stopped at a light. the prescription said"may cause dizziness" and i was like" ok,im taking something that may CAUSE dizziness FOR dizziness!" so i stopped taking them. well, around the time of my periods stopping in the summer i was having ear problems and alittle dizziness so i decided to try once again taking the water pills. didnt seem to have any problems that time.
in fact, i am trying to remember correctly (which is hard!!) but it seems THAT was the phase when i was FEELING GREAT FOR THE LONGEST TIME IN AWHILE. i ran out of the pills that i was taking once a day and stopped. little by little i been back to feeling really bad again. ive had the ear bouts, the dizziness, all off and on. extremely tired. now this week i am once again battling this stiffness, achiness.in my mid body and thighs, sometimes to the point i can hardly walk. it actually seems like my thighs swell. is this possible?. i have heard people complain of their ankles swelling but never their thighs.its hard for me to tell if i am actually swollen, but it feels like it. i can more tell that i WAS, because some days i feel so much less tight.
another question i have is,is there a big difference between hydrocloroloth and hydrochlorzide, as i could only order hydrochlorizide but it is the same strenght as what i was previously prescribed. i figure i will try it again and monitor my blood pressure,to make sure it doesnt get too low, as i cant go on like this. and like so many others no insurance..... if i DO ever get to a doctor, i have no idea WHAT doctor to go to?! gyn......ent??!!.....if what i am experiencing is truly fluid retention is it from menopause,as i thought that could also be related to the heart? (no heredity there or any other symptoms) i hope you dont think i am a a crazy hypochondriac, i am just so very confused and sick of being sick and tired. and those few months when i felt so good that i thought about doing so many things, spoiled me!!!
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Postby Zero » Thu Feb 10, 2005 8:56 pm

Sorry about no responses....I was waiting for Dr. Judy to respond to you (which I know she will). Some of these issues can only be discussed with a medical person and none of us are qualified to give advice.

We'll be watching to see what Judy says. Just make sure you understand that no one here sees you as a hypochondriac, ok? We all understand and support you in finding solutions that are going to make your life better!

Postby Hopefully » Thu Feb 10, 2005 9:13 pm

I take the generic Microzide (Hydrochlorthiazide) for my blood pressure. My blood pressure issues popped up the same time that my hormones when south, never to return LOL. My internal med. dr. said that she didn't believe that I really have high blood pressure, but I still take the lowest dose and it helps with the swelling around my ankles. I can stop taking Microzide and my blood pressure is okay (117/67), but if I stop taking my bcp my bp shoots up.

I have a friend who spoke about feeling that her body was swelling. She was having problem with her arm swelling, leg swelling, and waking up in a panic feeling swollen. Well, come to find out it was the blood pressure medication that she was taking. She is no longer taking that particular brand and doing great.

When you mentioned about the bp med. making you feel better I thought also about Zyrtec, the medication that I take for my allergies. I notice that my dizziness isn't as intense when I take Zyrtec. I read a post on another site from a woman who heard on her local news station about Zyrtec helping hot flashes for women going through menopause. I don't know about it helping my hot flashes ( I don't suffer alot with hot flashes or night sweats), but as I said before it does lessen the intensity of my lightheadedness.
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Postby drjudy » Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:27 pm

Hi Parts2you,

I thinkyour post, and Hopefully's too, illustrate how overwhelming these body changes can be during perimenopause. It's hard for me to sort out what's what in all you write, so I can really appreciate how confused you must feel.

If I understand this all, you are battling dizziness for months to years, body aches just recently, and irregular periods. As with every other health issue at this time of life, falling levels of estrogen both cause problems and worsen others.

I do think that low estrogen is contributing to your stiffness--some women note a flu-like achiness, others complain of what we call "gelling," or stiffening up with inactivity so that first thing out of bed and first steps out of a chair are associated with hobbling like a little old lady. Although this can be a sign of inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, I see it commonly with estrogen deficiency, and it is improved by supplemental hormones. I suppose your thighs could be swollen with retained fluid.

Your dizziness does sound like an inner ear disturbance known as vestibular neuronitis. This may be set off by a viral infection, but not uncommonly becomes chronic and recurrent. Water pills are a good therapy, so I'm not surprised that you feel better on them. Hydrochlorothiazide is a common diuretic, and I think the two medications that you are asking about are two ways of writing the same thing.

I hope you are able to get back on diuretics, and able to hook up with a sympathetic doctor who is knowledgable about these changes. No insurance certainly makes a difficult situation (i.e. finding a sympathetic doctor who is knowledgable about perimenopause) nearly impossible. Meanwhile, you are safe in the company of women who know EXACTLY what you are talking about, and if you're crazy, well we all are! Crazy loves company!

Best wishes,
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Postby parts2you » Sun Feb 13, 2005 5:50 pm

thank you so much for the responses.i know that minne and dr judy must be so busy,and i do really appreciate it. along with the fact that i do know im not crazy but it sometimes gets so overwhelming you need yourself validated!
its the wierdest thing....this past week i had no headaches,dizziness but all week i was just so achey and stiff. and i am never stiff out of bed, only after sitting........ yesterday though i still felt that way,for some unknown reason i actually had some energy! (maybe it was some stressful events i had this week,dont know) but i put it to use and forced my body to move and got loads of cleaning and organizing done!! it was the worst achiness ive had in my entire life and yet i managed to do all that, how strange is that???? i am alot better today,not perfect but i'll take it!!
still havent gotten a period, been about 44 days. hope its not one of those, just when ya think its over...............
those tests that they are now selling in the drug store to measure menopause, does anyone know exactly what they tell you? is it just a yes or no in menopause, or is it more detailed? and price?
heres to hopin we all get into a feelin good phase!!!!
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