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Postby cmoc » Wed Feb 11, 2004 5:56 am

Is breathlessness a perimenopause symptom? The last two months I have bouts of getting breathless, hard to get a deep breath. Does anyone else get this?

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Postby februarygirl » Wed Feb 11, 2004 5:15 pm

I do not know if it is a symptom but I have been unable to take a deep breathe for several months. I have had every test, from a Thalium Stress Test to an endoscopy, only to come back negative. I find it gets worse when I eat (especially a large meal).
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Postby Zero » Fri Feb 13, 2004 8:30 am

It may be anxiety causing this, which is something many of us experience, but keep working with your physician (or CHANGE doctors) until you get some kind of satisfactory explanation!

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