back ache/ sleeplessness

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back ache/ sleeplessness

Postby fultime » Mon May 02, 2005 6:09 am

I wonder if anyone else has these symptoms and can advise me please?
I sleep for between 3 and 4 hours a night then wake up with the most awful deep ache in my middle section back (on a level with the ribs) I can't get comfortable after this and find it hard to sleep, just a few cat naps. I feel tired all the time obviously. When I get up and about it goes offa lot, although if I think about it the back ache is still there but to a lesser degree, it just seems to go off altogether during the day, but once the night comes its back again. I've tried changing my pillow, we also bought a new bed, at great expense, to no avail? I am beginning to wonder if this may be osteoporosis as I do smoke (I know, I Know) my Mum has osteoporosis and I am about to celebrate? my 51st birthday. I seem to spend half my life at the GP's nowadays though and she did accuse me once of being an 'anxious' woman as I have been going a few times since my peri menopause, mainly due to the heavy bleeding and anemia I have, but it makes me feel reluctant to go with this, although I did mention it to her last time I went and she more or less ignored me really. :(

Postby colopam » Mon May 02, 2005 8:25 am

Good Morning Fultime!

Has your Dr. checked for a kidney infection? I know that when I had mine or when I had my kidney stones I ached in that part of the body (kidney stones then developed into a lot of pain but I digress) , or has there been an opportunity for a bone scan? Please be sure to take your calcium supplement (w/D and magnesium) it's helped with my sleep but of course the bone aspect is very important (coupled with weightbearing exercise to aid in absorption) Good Luck!! Hugs Pam
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