Painful achy joints

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Painful achy joints

Postby rmnstardust » Mon Jul 11, 2005 11:41 am

Is anyone having achy joints? I was always healthy until 48 yrs of age, then boom !! I could hardly walk and I hurt all over. It was terrible. At one point I actually thought I had some sort of systemic disease and was on the "off ramp".
If anyone is having this I know how awful it is. One good thing to remember, it does taper off.
Also, I did the following

1.) Calium 1000 mg day
2.) Glucosamine 3/day morning/noon/night
3.) Flax seed oil 1 pill/day
4.) Walk every day 3 miles (this takes awhile to get to 3 miles)
5.) Lift heavy weights at a gym

The Glucosamine started to repair the cartilege which xrays showed was gone to the point of bones starting to rub together. Ouch.

The calcium we all know we must do.

The Flax seed oil is a Godsend, what a gift of nature. Calms inflammation and pain all over your body. And is a precursor to many hormones that are now in short supply.

The walking was hard. I still cannot do it everyday, but am having much better luck by going to the gym where it is air conditioned and because everyone is doing the same thing there. Besides, roads are dusty, hot and cars are bad.

The heavy weights. I didn't think I could do it. The first round I thought I couldn't stand that weight on my bones. It hurt! By the second time around the circuit it didn't feel bad. I think it made some natural endorphins which stopped some pain, and that is good.

I am told that people who lift heavy weights twice a week will never be creaky old people but will still be spry in their 80's

Also, I didn't go to the gym at first because I felt guilty about the gas money, and the time and the gym money. Then I got so bad I couldn't take it anymore and went there very frustrated with myself and my body. A really nice 75 year old man showed me all the machines and helped me focus. He said he's been going for years. I intend to keep going for years too and am so happy, now I know I can do something to make it better.

ALSO, what better way to get out, have a moment to yourself to reflect and turn within and find your own inner power.

I think the gym is underrated in our culture as a resource for women !!

I hope this helps !!

Sincerely, Fellow Achy Jointer
I so admire some of these older women I see, women in their 60's, 70's and 80's, who are through menopause and have so much vibrancy, wisdom and are participating fully in life. It's my goal to get there and be that way too!
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Postby minniepauz » Mon Jul 11, 2005 11:55 am

Lovely post, "Achy"! :) Very've convinced me to take flaxseed!
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