What is the ending process?...how long does it last?

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What is the ending process?...how long does it last?

Postby Grace » Fri Aug 19, 2005 7:59 pm

:) ... Hello.... I took a quick glance and did not see my topic. If it's somewhere and I missed it I hope it's ok to be repeating it.

What is it like at the very end stages.. when you are about finished?

I have not had a period in 8 months... since December. I was so excited, thought I was totally through.. and I was feeling good to be free of the symptoms. Then, last Friday I started!.... I had let out just a couple of spots last month.... and hoped that was all I was gonna do this time. But by Friday night I new different, and for the whole last week it was a heavy flow.... bright red, no clots..... today it's almost over.

Asked my doctor's nurse about it today and she said that it is normal to go for 6 months without one. But, since I went for 8 she suggested I see a gynacologist to make sure everything is ok.

No pain, no cramping... very minor discomfort once in a while... but that's it... besides flooding like I've never done before. I sure was glad when it finally started slowing down and I knew it would come to an end in a normal length of time.

I had skipped a month a while back.... and once a few months before that but that was the only time I skipped... and never for longer. All the other months were just gradually less and less.

If skipping for a few months is part of the process.... how often does this skipping process repeat itself before one never has a period ever again.

Gosh I loved not having one.. felt so free! I've not done any hormone treatments, have not been to a doctor at for anything in years.....

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I'm not insured so am not rushing to the doctor yet. We are going to check into getting some insurance first..... we are financially able to handle the expense now. I've been the type I was just never sick so didn't spend money on it before, and they don't offer it at discounted rate for spouses at husband's job.

Grace, in Texas.. in case someone else has the same name :)
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Postby minniepauz » Sat Aug 20, 2005 5:38 pm

H Grace! Welcome to Minnie Pauz Land! There's good news and bad news about when it ends......the good news is "eventually" and the bad news is "someday"! :)

We're just all so different that there's no definite cut off date, and you didn't mention your age but when you haven't had a period in 12 mo., then you're definitely in menopause. Up until that time, you're in peri-menopause and just about anything goes. The main thing you want to watch when you're not having periods is getting pregnant...most of us don't want that at this time in our lives!

It seems that we are having to educate some of the younger healthcare people on what is normal and what isn't these days.
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Postby Grace » Sat Aug 20, 2005 11:15 pm

Hi there... thanks so much for the good and bad information...lol.

I'm 53....

So, the months of skipping... can repeat themselves for maybe years???.... That sounds horrible if that is the case.

To think I was almost there at 8 months!..only 4 more to go and I would have really been finished.

I just assumed someone out there who has been through it could say now long it took to get to the 'permanent' stopping place, from the time she started skipping months. At least knew someone... maybe everyone on here is 'in' it and does not know the stopping part yet.

The doctor said it's normal to go 6 months at a time. I'd just like to know how many '6 month' skip sessions may or may not take place before one never has one again. I do understand that will be different for each woman also.

Someone please tell me it's not going to last for another possible 5 years or more. I want this stuff over with....lol.

Thanks again.... Grace
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