Extreme tender breasts and swollen glands for about a month

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Extreme tender breasts and swollen glands for about a month

Postby SUZYQ » Fri Aug 26, 2005 10:45 am

I believe I have been in peri menopause for my second year now. Recently my breasts have been sore for a solid month and very tender. Just like I was getting ready to start. The glands under both arms are very tender. I even have found glands in my upper front thigh and behind the knee that are tender. I went to the doctor and he put me on an antibiotic that I have been on for over a week and no relief in the glands. He said he believes I have an infected gland. Is it normal to have sore tender breasts for this long??? Also, has anyone else noticed in the peri menopause stage of having swollen glands under the arm or groin area.

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Postby Coping » Fri Sep 09, 2005 12:18 pm

I didnt' experience it in the groin area but breat tenderness was absolutely awful! I couldn't stand my own arms to rub against the side of my breasts. Once I went on low dose birth control pills, it went away. Best wishes!
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Postby SUZYQ » Fri Sep 09, 2005 1:14 pm


Thanks for your input. When I finally did start, my glands went down and the tenderness went totally away, I was flabergasted that they could be that sore and the glands could get that swollen....I finished the antibiotics the doctor put me on and I do believe I was also fighting some type of stomach viral infection at the same time which I think may have been the reason for the swollen glands. All is much better now except for the horrible gas, bloating and messed up digestive system. I don't think I could get any other tests done exept for the pancreas. That is the only organ I believe that hasn't been poked, touched x-rayed, nucleartized or scanned. It will be nice when this is all over with!!

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Postby DayDreamer » Mon Sep 12, 2005 5:13 am


I'm so glad your initial problems with tender breasts and glands are much better now. I know how miserable it feels. Just walking down the stairs or over "jiggling" those two "bags of marbles" (or that's what they feel like) was SO painful :shock: Thankfully, the further away I got from my last period (3 years) it stopped completely, so was definitely hormonal. (My doctor just told me to place hot towels on them :!: :!: )

Just a tip which you may already know but I'll say just in case you don't, the "messed up digestive system, bloating and gas" may now be due to all the anti-biotics. Unfortunately, all the good bacteria as well as any bad ones have been wiped out by the antibiotics and upsets the natural balance in the gut.....hence all the unpleasant side affects. I find eating (or drinking) pro biotic dairy products like "live" culture yoghurts (without sugar or fruit initially) will replace the good bacteria, redress the balance and calm the bloatedness, gas, loose stools and discomfort. Always works for me and my family anyway. :D

Hope everything calms down again

with love

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