Suzanne Somers new book...

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Suzanne Somers new book...

Postby Zero » Mon Mar 08, 2004 11:32 pm

I've always like her and I really believe she's got a lot figured out for us women. After watching her on Larry King Live tonight (and she'll probably be on every talk show in the next few months), I'm convinced that she's found the solution--bio-identical hormones. I'm not sure what women without insurance are going to do though, since she said it costs about $65 mo......PLUS, you will still have periods as long as you're using it, but she explained that it's really worth it for all the other benefits you get.

The Sexy Years : Discover the Hormone Connection: The Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, andVitality, for Women and Men by SUZANNE SOMERS If you're going to order it, please use the following link since it will give my website a small commission. ... auzcartoo/
Menopause is a complicated business. Medical issues vary widely and treatment options seem endless--especially in the wake of bad news about hormone replacement. While The Sexy Years isn't meant to supply you with a specific program of daily supplements, Suzanne Somers does offer an excellent inspiration to march forth and take control of this stage of health. Much of the book covers her own experience of menopause, including some detail on her breast cancer ordeal. She advocates the use of natural, bioidentical hormonal replacement, available through a variety of creams and supplements--it's a rare page that doesn't gush about the power of these substances or raise negative issues about the use of synthetic hormones.

Postby Zero » Tue Apr 06, 2004 7:57 am

I got this email today from one of my subscribers and I'm not sure if she made it here to the board yet, so I'm going to post what she said in her email about this book:

"I highly, highly recommend each and every one of your readers to read Suzanne Somers book, "The Sexy Years". I "put up" with all the typical menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, dry skin, lack of libido, etc.) for years. I did get some relief from hot flashes by taking a prescribed hormone (I tried several different ones to get any result at all). After reading "The Sexy Years", I took the time to find a doctor that was familiar with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I've been on this therapy for less than one month and have to say that I feel better than I've felt in five years!!! Instead of treating my menopausal "symptoms", now I'm actually replacing the hormones that I've lost. It's truly unbelievable. It is a little more time consuming than conventional hormone therapy, but SO worth it. My doctor told me that it might take up to three months to completely regulate my hormones, but I don't care, I feel so much better after this short time, that I'm willing to be patient! For all of you that think this is such a "down" time in your life, please, please read this book. It's like reading your own biography, page after page!!!"

Postby februarygirl » Tue Apr 06, 2004 8:14 am

Thank you Minnie for posting that email. For someone is in the process of obtaining bio-identical hormones that made me feel so good!

P.S. Just received the saliva tests so I am on my way!

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Postby Zero » Fri Apr 15, 2005 7:18 am

Lets hear from anyone who has tried the bio-identical hormones and see how you're doing, ok?

Postby edelweiss » Fri Apr 15, 2005 9:40 am

She's got a new one out now. Just picked it up a few days ago. "Slim & Sexy forever' She goes beyond the estrogen/progesterone decline and suggests that our adrenal mix of hormones gets out of whack as we age also, which is why we have such a hard time losing weight.

I've done my own version of low carb eating for the past few years, and although me weight hasn't changed much, the layer of belly fat is NOT FUNNY anymore. So, I'm going to quickly read up and try the Somersize diet as she recommends. She looks great so it's working for her. :wink:
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