I'm Back... I have crossed over from Peri to full blown...

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I'm Back... I have crossed over from Peri to full blown...

Postby daisysmom » Thu Oct 05, 2006 8:00 pm

Menopause. And I am hating it.

What is the general concensus regarding hot flashes? I am having at least one an hour. And night sweats too. It is so strange; one minute I am cool (chilly even!), and the next I feel like the inside of one of those salamander heater things the guys use in the garage. I feel the warmth start up, spreading up my back, the back of my neck, my hands, my face. UGH. All of the sudden I am in a sauna! Sweating like a pig and wanting to crawl into my refrigerator.

I go to my doctor next week. Last year we had decided to let me do this naturally until, and if, I started have bad symptoms. I am so ready to be done with these hot flashes. I am still afraid of taking meds though.... what options should I discuss with her? I am one year this month without a period.

thanks for any suggestions!
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Postby drjudy » Thu Oct 19, 2006 11:11 pm

Dear DM,

Although one year without a period defines menopause, being so symptomatic in my experience still places squarely in transition. While the body and brain can ultimately adjust to low or no levels of estrogen, your current experience suggests that you are not yet at peace with the new you.

I think you should discuss a transtional strategy with your doctor. The best one I've found is the use of estrogen. After you find the lowest level that keeps you comfortable--which may not necessarily mean 100% free of hot flashes--relax awhile in the peace of feeling good.

Then in six months to a year, or at a time you and your doctor feel comfortable with, revisit your strategy and see if you can work your way down a little bit on the dose. I don't remember your age, but we know that estrogen is a safe strategy for most women in those opening years of menopause. If you are still in your 40s or early 50s, you are at an age where many women are still playing with a full deck of hormonal cards.

There is no reason to be so miserable. Ask your doctor how she/he can help you spell RELIEF!

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