Erratic or constant bleeding and some embarrassing moments!

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Erratic or constant bleeding and some embarrassing moments!

Postby gorgeousfluffpot » Wed Nov 08, 2006 3:25 pm

For the last year I have had either heavy periods lasting a couple of days or light spotting and discharge which means I am wearing a sanitary towel for often three weeks on end. Then nothing for a week, then staining and spotting. Trouble is, I never know where I am from one day to the next so always wear a sanitary towel, even on a 'clean' day. Then, last week, wearing a pair of light cream trouserse (why oh why oh why?) and, decided that as I had been stain-free for a day or so and that a san.towel wouldn't e necessary, I went with my husband to a posh dance. Sitting down, during the evening, I suddenly felt my thighs become warm and ... yes ... the trousers were stained rigiht through, and very suddenly too. Luckily the chair I was on was a dark red velvet but, at the same time, I was asked to dance by the club chairman. I refused and my husband kept saying "go on, have a dance" despite me trying to tell him with my eyes what had happened. The chairman pulled me up and, thinking fast, I had a light pink cardigan on the back of the chair which I pulled around my bottom and knotted around the front of my hips, very tomboy fashion. It looked odd, but luckily stayed up until I was able to excuse myself and get to the loo - trousers were stained right through. I got back to hubby and explained and we left afterwards and went home. No other discharge that night, or for the next few days. Moral of the story - if you're going to wear white trousers then wear a sanitary towel all the time and carry a cardigan!

I can't wait for all this nonsense to end and for me to get on with my life without constantly thinking about what is going on in my knickers!
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Postby minniepauz » Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:11 am

Welcome to the forum, gorgeousfluffpot! You didn't mention your age, but it sounds like you are definitely into full-blown peri-menopause. No telling how far into the process you are, maybe your doctor can assess that, but I can tell you I was SO happy when my periods finally ended for good and I never had to worry about leaking through again! :) You certainly did some quick thinking with your incident!
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Postby colopam » Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:16 am

Welcome!!!! Gald to "see" you around and hope to hear from you often!!

My Dr. gave me a low dose BCP about 7 mo.s ago and my periods were pretty predictable and very lite with no cramping or flooding. Well she wanted me to go off them to see how things went. well 6 weeks w/o a period (yes Dee, I was hoping for cessation but know better) and now am in the throws of some pretty heavy cramping and fairly heavy flow, day two was always notably heavier and this is day 2 so I'll try the black pants on today tho they're tighter or I might put them in the car (just in case) and wear the more comfortable khaki's. Also, experienced a pretty bad prementrual migraine (TG for Imatrix!!) which I'd stoppen having while on the BCP. Oh to be a woman, would't change it BUTTTTT........

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