Dealing with insomnia!

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Postby DaMomma » Wed Feb 15, 2006 8:28 pm

Grucky...I loathe* insomnia!

There as been times that I cant sleep at all for 3 days and nights, my body is tired but my mind wont shut off.

Then there are times when I can only sleep couple of hours, up a few, back down again for a couple..and etc.

When I have had night sweats..(which have started up again this past week now..phffft :P ) Im able to go back to sllep, but I have to either change the sheets, or sometimes I can just throw towels down...which I do mostly now. I sleep in the buff, because I can breathe, and dont have to do that much laundry that way too.

I keep a fan in my room..(OH CAFFY WAFFY!...finally weaned myself of that "white noise" you told me!) anyways I also have babywipes and ice water on my nightstand to wipe down and help cool off.

Sometimes just gettin up and taking a nice warm bath,with either lavendar or ecoluptus leaves in the water, a few candles and very soothing music playin helps...I stress *Sometimes.

Sometimes I read, sometimes I post answer emails, or crafts.

I find by just doing stretching b4 hitting the hay, has actually gave me the most relaxing effect.

When I get desperate though I resort to my trazodone or half a xanax.
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