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Postby panic central » Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:54 am

Wow Pam that sounds like an awesome wedding.We have ours set in a park in the gazebo.Both of us are out door people so it was fitting.We met in university 10 yrs ago and became good friends.Things just bloomed from there.I to was in a bad relationship for 27 yrs so was very careful not to go from the pan to the fire so to speak.Have everything done to date that needs doing for the wedding with the help from family and friends so now it is just the waiting for the big day.Between working full time and getting the wedding organized I maintain my sanity by checking in here every few days.Keeps me grounded knowing I am not alone.Will keep you posted on how things are going. :D
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Postby gorgeousfluffpot » Sun Apr 29, 2007 2:05 pm

hey Panic Central, just wanted to wish you all the best and say 'big congratulations' on your forthcoming wedding. Sounds like life is turning around for you for the better!
Roll on the good times ahead!
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Postby colopam » Mon Apr 30, 2007 5:56 am


It was! My pre-wedding stress was a bit different...I planned it all long distance.we were in CO and the wedding in TN. I didn't actually see the chapel except in a brochures and online tour (future SIL had seen it tho) and whittled down to it from about 200 based on the services they'd provide (they allowed my future BIL to marry us..boy is he GOOD!). I had sent the tartan to my SIL's letting them have free reign on the dresses (about 8 mo.s ahead of time and they still hadn't even gone shopping until a couple of days before the wedding..arggghhh!). I had asked about a local florist and cake maker (our topper looks like my DH and I, ordered online and they matched his kilt and my dress prety well!) and true to form no one helped me so then we moved to TN a month before the wedding (not recommended) and I'm frantically finding a place to live (then clean and paint) a florist (found a great one that came thru for me on my own) and one SIL owns a restaurant and gave us our reception at a historic train depot in town for our gift and had a friend make the cake. The nite before the wedding while getting the food together one of the girls helping out slipped and broke her arm so my future DH had to literally pick her up and take her to the hospital so no sleep for either of us!! LOL! DH said at least the day would go great as we'd been predisastered! The morning of the wedding I was up early as it was a long drive to Pigeon Forge and went to check the milk and gas in all the cars, good thing I did as all were empty. I went and filled all cars with gas and grabbed some milk (God forbid, it was the "wrong" brand of milk! Jeesh put it in the old container and no one will know!!!). FINALLY got everyone hustled up and got up there... beautiful!!! The weather was gorgeous and the site was even better than we had hoped, the opening minister and then my BIL were perfect, Our Unity candle song was the very very very last song of "Princess Bride" (you only hear it during the very last of the credits) it's called "Storybook Love". Of course I cried, the pics were perfect and the video priceless. My first wedding was a backyard picnic wedding beautiful in it's own right but since neither of us had had a BIG wedding we decided to go big (tho it still was only maybe a total of $2000.00 including DH's kilt and all that goes with it, my dress and everything else that goes with a wedding). I wish you all the best but I guess in a nutshell what all this showed me was not to let anything take away your sense of humor during this time.. it's YOUR time....no drama queens or hassels should cloud it.

Hugs Pam
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