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Postby Hotgirl » Thu May 27, 2004 11:38 am

hi every one
I'm glad I have join the site I do not feel so alone. good to know many women are going threw the same thing as me. I think I have every thing known to man LOL. MY WHOLE BODY IS SORE I'm TRIED ALL THE TIME HOT FLASHES AND COLD CHILLS. MY SKIN IS SO DRY. moody. I'm wondering does it get better or what. I hate this menopause thing. 8)
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Hot Flashes

Postby lynie pause » Thu Mar 10, 2005 11:18 am

Hey Hotgirl,

I feel ya I go through spells too of cold hot cold hot. I can't ever decide how to dress to go to bed. One nite it will be wearing layers of clothes and freezin next it will be barely a gown and here it is winter and I do fine through the nite. :roll: Drives me crazy! Seems too I can use tons of lotion and my skin just slurps it up, finding I have to use more then usual.
It will get better some day, just hang in there. I go through feeling like I can conquire the world and get into nesting cleaning mode and next time I have crashing fatigue.....where my chest hurts, head ache, tired and achey body and I want a nap... :cry: Keep your chin up.

Lynie :lol:
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