Peri Menopause (after a sub total hysterectomy)

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Peri Menopause (after a sub total hysterectomy)

Postby dorothy » Thu Nov 06, 2003 8:23 am

I am just wondering if anyone can share some information with me.
I had a subtotal hysterectomy 18 months ago at the age of 37 years. I have just been told that I am now in perimenopause which has finally explained the sleepless nights, panic and crying moods, to name but a few, etc. that I have been feeling. I have been told, although I cannot find out any informaiton on the subject, that you can help alleviate these symptons through your normal daily diet.
HRT and other supplements are not an alternative for me as my mother is recovering from Breast Cancer and I would not be in favour of taking these drugs. Anyone who can share experiences or information with me I would be really grateful to them.
Many thanks.

Postby anonymous22 » Thu Nov 06, 2003 10:15 am

Hi Dorothy,
I would urge you to get Dr. John Lee's book "What your doctor may not tell you about Breast Cancer" This book explains how hormone imbalance predisposes us to cancer. The media would like us to believe that all hormones cause cancer, but Dr. Lee's approach makes perfect sense. It sounds to me like you might benefit from some bio identical progesterone cream. I know you are probably thinking "No Way" that's a hormone. Read for yourself and decide.

As for diet. You can help yourself somewhat by avoiding enviromental estrogens. You may think that your problem right now is that you are low on estrogen but generally when women go into perimenopause they have adequate estrogen but low progesterone. Each month your body is producing estrogen to try to make you ovulate but it either does not happen or it doesn't happen correctly. Without ovulation there is no progesterone. It is this lack of progesterone that causes your symtpoms, and I believe it also leaves us vulnerable to disease. To add insult to injury our food and the environment are full of yet more estrogens. If you are using soy or other phyto-estrogen supplements, I would urge you to investigate before you continue. Other sources of synthetic hormones are in your meat and dairy. Where ever you can buy organic meat. The animals in our food source are pumped with estrogens to fatten them up, and when we eat that stands to reason that it would cause problems for us. There is information on diet in Dr. Lee's book as well.
If you are interested I have a website for hysterectomy support. It is called Hyster Home ~ Hysterectomy Support
Best wishes to you
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Postby dorothy » Thu Nov 06, 2003 10:21 am

Thanks Becky

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