i get so frustrated

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i get so frustrated

Postby parts2you » Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:32 pm

having a rough time of it lately. it had been a long time since i had any kind of headache/confusion/forgetting/ stuff happening. i been under alot of stress lately at my work,and i dont know if that is what set it off or what,but its been brutal. then,the stress of THAT,makes it worse!! I am applying for new jobs,but i am so not self confident because of my memory problems,headaches and such.im really anxious that i am going to get a new job,and then not do well at it because of all this stuff. how can i ever get over that??
sometimes i get worried about what could be causing it,but then i remember that i was going thru it pretty close to this bad, off and on for a few years, awhile back. and im not dead yet(!)...and though this attack is maybe the worse ive had,im still pretty coherent. (tonight i actually feel normal,but i did last night and then today at work,it was really bad again)
my upper arms finally stopped aching every day about a month ago,but since- i have a tenderness in both elbows. damnedest thing i ever heard...saw...felt...lol
i also find i cannot tolerate my manual treadmill for more than about five minutes without my legs feeling really weak,actually just feeling all over weak.
other than that,im pretty good!! which,compared to alot of people,i guess is really good...but this head stuff is the thing that is really the worst to tolerate. i need to work and make a living,and its downright scary wonderin if its gonna get worse,or hopefully ever stop again like it did for so long?
ive fallen off the not smoking wagon because of all this,but im still tryin and i guess i need to get the chantrix again,and stay on it longer this time.
i just want to feel good like a normal person,damn it.
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Postby minniepauz » Wed Sep 12, 2007 6:50 am

yes, parts....don't worry about how many times you fell off the wagon, just make sure you try again, ok? That's the important thing and the next time may be when you're able to stick to it. That makes you a winner each time you start over!!

Why don't you try posting to Dr. Linda and see if she might be able to suggest some options to you. I don't recall if you're taking hormones or trying to get through without anything but you're definitely not in any kind of balance. Be sure and tell her what you've been taking, if anything.
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