not sure where i want to put this.but view it for the funny!

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not sure where i want to put this.but view it for the funny!

Postby parts2you » Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:41 pm

well i just sat here for about two hours re-reading some old posts.
it was encouraging because some of my old symptoms are gone. some come and go....and once in awhile,i'll get a new one. an ya know what,i just decided i am not going to post right this sec about any of that, because tonight for once, i feel fairly normal (well as normal as i get!) i hope it stays awhile.

i wonder what ever happened to the poster, "drama queen" ? i think her name is lynn. when i was reading the old posts, i came across this and OMG, it just made me love to put it on one of my pages on myspace or friends would love it!!! so true to our lives, and oh so funny. wish i could think fast like her to respond to something like that, like that!!

"My husband reminded me last night how the whole "DRAMAQUEEN" name got started. It was Christmas day 2002, I had a terrible cold, had a for weeks couldn't shake it, I had done all the Christmas stuff ( like we all do), and I had bought the usual socks and underwear for everyone. My husband opened his underwear and said these are no good there is no fly in them, ( in my Nyquil induced state I had bought boxer's without a fly) and he went on and on, I turned to my son who was 18 at the time and whispered " Get me the F---ing scissors", he tried to talk me out of it , but than my head spun around a couple of times and he went and got me the scissors. I than sweetly asked my husband for the flyless boxers, and asked him "Are you sure there is no fly, dear". and of course he went on and on about the boxers, I ripped open the package of three, unpacked them and cut each pair a new fly. Everyone just stopped talking, breathing I tossed the boxers at him and said "There now they all have a F---ing fly" and I started waving the scissors around and said "Does anyone else have a problem with any of their presents". And no one did.
Now everytime I have a little rant I am called the DRAMAQUEEN and everyone hides the scissors.
You know you can't buy those kinds of Christmas memories for your kids, I am sure it is a story they will share with their children, maybe a Christmas Eve bedtime story,instead of the Polar Express which we read to them they can call it " How NANA become the DramaQueen".
I like it, it is good to be the Queen.

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Re: not sure where i want to put this.but view it for the funny!

Postby minniepauz » Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:28 pm

Thanks for bringing that up, Lynn!! You're right, it's hilarious!! We can only hope she'll hear us talking about her and show up to give you permission to post it elsewhere. If you go back to her original post and do a "reply", she should get an email.
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