What a great board!

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What a great board!

Postby luvkitties » Wed Oct 20, 2004 8:56 pm

I'm a failry new menber here and am in the process of reading all that I can. Can I just say that it's great to be able to read all of your stories. My mother claimed she didn't feel like she even went thru menopause. Not that she ever discussed it, but when one of my sisters asked her, that was her response. Me, I KNOW I'm going thu it just from my intense hot flashes. It's good to see most of you have a great sense of humor. That is what helps you get thru trying times. As my sister used to say, "If you can't have fun, it ain't worth living." She kept that attitude even when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I spent most of my time in Florida caring for her and believe me we had a blast a lot of the time. So keep your chin up girls, things could always be worse.... And thanks minniepz for starting this board and giving us the opportunity to learn, share and get thru this time in our lives!! The more we know, the better we can deal.
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Postby Zero » Thu Oct 21, 2004 9:33 am

You're very welcome, luvkitties! It's always so nice to read that what I'm doing here is helping women....that's always my goal whether it's to help them realize they're not alone & not crazy or to help them get through a tough situation or just to have a good chuckle! It's really all of us sharing our feelings, experiences and support that makes it work!

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