Panic Attacks

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Do you suffer with anxiety attacks?

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Postby scottie » Wed Jan 12, 2005 9:43 am

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Postby pamibe » Wed Jan 12, 2005 10:02 am

Scottie, if it makes you feel any better the same thing happened to me, but those effects faded. I did quit coffee and coke for a while... but I got over that jittery feeling and the anxiety attacks are gone.
Thank God! :D


Sooooo glad to know I'm not alone!

Postby blessit » Fri Feb 11, 2005 5:35 pm

I am so glad to read about other women going through the same things as I am. I have been getting anxiety attacks, light-headedness, headaches, mitral valve prolapse and all of the other not good feelings :cry: .
But I have been really going through with the four unerlined symptoms including hot flashes, what a mess!! I went to the hospital the other day, they said that I had an anxiety attack, and what was I doing before it happend? Nothing, nothing at all it just happends for whatever reason.

My doctor keep giving me different pills to take for the headaches, I just think that it is associated with the changing of the hormone levels in my body. I am not taking any thing right now, and I personally feel like I am about to loose my mind. :cry:
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Postby Zero » Fri Feb 11, 2005 6:15 pm

Trust your instincts, KNOW when you're not feeling right and sometimes the doctors just don't have a clue. If it's possible, see another doctor and let them know you suspect menopause and you need help in balancing your hormones so you can feel like yourself again!

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Postby pamibe » Fri Feb 11, 2005 6:25 pm

Welcome to the forum, blessit! Image

Postby Guest » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:33 pm

Hi ladies, I've suffered from severe PMS(PMDD) and perimenopause has been hellish with the chronic hormonal oscillations. Since the hormones fluctuate in perimenopause can true balance be attained with the supplementation of hormones? I take a small dose of estradiol in patch form. I seem to have a depressive reaction to progesterone and since this is allegedly the hormone that prevails premenstually with my history of PMDD this makes sense. I've researched up the ying yang and panic attacks either worsen or occur in peri, so don't let doctors dismiss your concerns.

Blessit, It's a long transition, but I understand there is a respite after the
perimenopausal storm. Hang in there. You certainly aren't alone.

This has been the most incredibly challenging time of my life.

Avoiding stimulants when highly anxious is a good idea.

Somewhere I'd read that 18% of women experience panic attacks with flashes, during peri, while 10% just flat out panic.
My panic doesn't accelerated as it did a few years ago, so there is hope.

Gosh headaches and diminishing estrogen are highly correllated. It's very common for even younger women to experience this premenstrually.

Peri is like one long PMS. And if you had bad PMS it can be nightmarish.

The joys of being a woman.

And the dang anti-depressant poop out. OH LORD>

Well ladies, it's nice to meet you, I'm Chris and I'm in the throes.

Postby Guest » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:41 pm

One more thing regarding the feeling of losing your mind. Most people who are truly insane don't fear that they're going insane. Instead of a heart attack my big peri panic symptom was that I was losing control and
going BONKERS. My thyroid was also out of whack. Ladies, check the thyroid hormones, as well.

I've also noticed that insomnia makes the panic WORSE.

Exercise is not a cure all, but I try to walk regularly. My neighbors must think I'm a little daft, as I've burst into tears on many of my walks, since the periods became irregular. But, walking is a positive habit I established
long ago.

I'm 48. Just venting and pleased to be here.

Postby SofiaSofia » Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:36 am


I'm so glad you included this topic. Didn't know anxiety was so common in peri- and regular menopause! Now I feel I'm not all alone in this experience. :)

A few weeks ago, I came down with a terrible case of the flu and had my period at the same time. Along with my crazy hormones, I was completely exhausted and unable to take care of simple everyday things. I missed a week of work and had terrible anxiety upon returning - still didn't feel up to snuff and was feeling miserably ill. Most of my anxiety was about feeling overwhelmed and not able to perform up to normal levels. Of course, my hormones and fears took this to a new level and I got anxious about being anxious as well. The worst! :evil: It was really hard, but I managed to take one step at a time and prioritize things to minimize the pressure. Got through the anxiety, even though it was agonizing at times.

When I was in my 20s and leaving home for college, I had panic attacks, but they were much more persistant and worse than this. I'm hoping that age and life experience can help bolster me through this stuff in midlife. (fingers crossed)

One good thing that resulted from my flu is that I stopped drinking coffee. I was very addicted before, and I can now tell that it made me more jittery and nervous. I drink tea now and intake a lot less caffeine. Since fully recovering from the flu, I feel more grounded and stable, too.

Wish me luck, though, 'cuz my crazy period could arrive again any day now (never know anymore!!).

Thanks for reading my book! :oops: I'm just so glad to have a place to share all this stuff and commiserate....

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Me too...

Postby Gizzee » Fri Mar 11, 2005 8:20 pm

I've been peri-menopausal for about 2 years, maybe more. Most of it has been pretty easy, but this past year I started having panic attacks. I've had a stress test, blood tests for adrenal gland & misc. other possibilities.

Christmas Day started a series of cascading attacks. I had one practically daily for a week. My doctor put me on a beta blocker. I've also tried estrogen & I felt yucky. I tried Lexapro & got hyperactive (a TOTALLY new sensation for me, I've always been pretty lazy), then a few weeks ago we decided to try Buspar which I'm giving up on today for a variety of reasons.

I think I'll be settling for the beta blocker, maybe some supplements and the toughing it out routine. I also have Diazepam for when it gets REALLY bad - like the dentist :roll: .

I've been off caffeine for years, but still have to have chocolate. I learned the hard way a couple of weeks ago I'm even going to have to be careful with chocolate :( . I had a job interview that morning which built my stress levels up pretty good, then at lunch I had a double-chocolate chip cookie which put me over the edge.

You really even have to watch decaf stuff. They've discovered that coffee has more than one type of stimulant in it and only caffeine gets removed in the decaf process.
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Postby Shan » Wed Apr 06, 2005 10:36 pm

I suffer from panic attacks and have for the last five or so years. I had no idea it was menopause related. Or maybe I just didn't want to think about it?

Most of my attacks are brought on by sudden loud noises. I used to love music turned way up, but now I can't bear it. It instantly turns me into an irritable bear and my heart pounds nearly out of control. If a car in the street backfires or a loud motorcycle blasts by, I jump from my chair thinking for sure the world is crashing in on me and it will take hours to calm down again. Any loud noise will trigger an attack, even something as simple as a drawer slamming closed. It happens at home, work, out on the street or out shopping and I can't control it. The noise seems to be the trigger and once it starts, its there to stay awhile.

It's not just the slamming heart beat but also a feeling of impending I've lost control of something, myself maybe...I have never been able to figure out exactly when it started just that it did and I can no longer tolerate any kind of loud noise.
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Postby dgiles312 » Wed Apr 27, 2005 10:51 pm

I'm having panic attacks and anxiety also! Starting seeing a counselor about this and finallly realized (with her help) that it was probably hormonal. I'm 52 and am still having (irregular) periods. Went to the movies last Saturday and had to get up and leave before the previews were even over. HEart was pounding, hands were sweating-just wanted to get out of there and run. My Dr. put me on Lexapro to help with the anxiety. I took two doses and had to stop-it intensified the feelings- I felt like I was on speed -couldn't sleep-cleaned my house really good though.After that I was put on Neurotin-have been taking this for 1 week now-seems to help but makes me really sleepy and my scalp feels like it's "crawling". Has anyone been on this medicine? Has it helped?

Panic Attacks

Postby Dixie47 » Wed May 11, 2005 12:25 pm

I take Paxil for menopausal symptoms. I was suffering from cronic anxiety. I could barely function. I am so glad I have an understanding husband. I still in no way feel normal but I can go about my day and do the things I am supposed to do. I do recommend some sort of intervention like this if you are becoming so ill. Sometimes it takes trying different meds as paxil was my third try on an antidepressent.

Re: Panic Attacks

Postby Zero » Wed May 11, 2005 12:39 pm

Dixie47 wrote:I take Paxil for menopausal symptoms. I was suffering from cronic anxiety. I could barely function. I am so glad I have an understanding husband. I still in no way feel normal but I can go about my day and do the things I am supposed to do. I do recommend some sort of intervention like this if you are becoming so ill. Sometimes it takes trying different meds as paxil was my third try on an antidepressent.

Dixie, I went through 5 of them before finding that Zoloft worked best for me. I was on them for about 4 years and then felt well enough to stop taking them. I've battled depression for many years and it helps to understand that you may never be completely free of the emotional swings, but with medication and knowledge, it's much easier to manage the ups and downs. It also helps to adjust to the idea that you may have a new "normal", especially once you're in the throes of peri-menopause. It's all about balance and maintaining some level of control over your life and for each of us, it will be a different scenario. Keeping a positive attitude and a sense of humor are my "bottom line" advice!

Postby Debbie4545 » Wed Jun 08, 2005 9:50 am

Hi .... Im Debbie ... and I have been dealing with menopause and all it's evil for about 7 yrs now. I have RA and I take a bunch of meds daily ... so Im very selective on adding to them.
Panic Attacks started kickin my butt about 5 years ago and they knocked me to my knees. All my life I have always been sooo layed back. My father used to tell me I would never have gray hair or heart attacks because I didnt have sense enuff to worry about ANYTHING. Boy did THAT take a big 360 when the panic got me. I became a weepy, evil mess. The panic got so bad I agreed to take a antidepressant. After trying 3 or 4 different ones I opted for PAXIL CR. I took them for about 4 years ... and the panic just kept getting worse. It started waking me from a sound sleep and went on for days without let up. Because of this ... I opted for a shrink because I was sure I was losing my mind. Seeing a shrink was harder then any drug I have ever agreed to because I was sure ... after our first meeting ... I would be locked into a rubber room and given shock treatments. I was scared to death.
After about 3 months of shrink visits ... we came to a conclusion that it was my meds and menopause causing the panic. I wasen't nuts. So then I had to make a choice. What meds do I trash? I opted instantly for the paxil. I first warned my family that I was NOT taking another one of em ... and told them ... If I become goofy ... have me committed. (You always see on the news where someone kills off their familys because they didnt take their med. I didnt want this to happen so I was covering my bases.) Well .... I flushed the paxil !! And the results were INSTANT for me. I have NOT had a panic attack since. I do get a little anxious at times ... and weepy ... but this is like nite and day. Now if I can just get a grip on the weepy evil mood swings Im thinkin I'll be good to go. And knowing the rest of you folks are in MY corner helps. May the force be with you all !! ~Debbie~
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Postby tejon » Wed Jun 08, 2005 1:30 pm

Just had my first, second and third ever panic attack. Not fun.

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