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Postby februarygirl » Thu Feb 05, 2004 9:56 am

Has anyone tried Promensil? It contains Red Clover and I am always skeptical to try something without knowing other people's reactions.


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Postby Zero » Sat Feb 07, 2004 8:07 am

Nancy, you will probably have to just give it a try to find out if it works for you. You need to give any supplement a chance to get into your system (anywhere from 2 to 6 wks) and then you have to pay close attention to whether there is a noticeable improvement.

I haven't heard anything BAD about Promensil but here's a medical report where it was used in a study and it didn't seem to have much benefit:

The effect of Promensil, an isoflavone extract, on menopausal symptoms.

Knight DC, Howes JB, Eden JA.

Caroline Chisholm Centre for Women and Children, Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool.

OBJECTIVES: The primary aim was to assess whether the use of an isoflavone extract containing 40 mg or 160 mg of total isoflavones affects the frequency of menopausal flushes and other symptoms. The secondary aims were assessments of possible effects on menopause symptom scores and biological measures of estrogen activity.

METHODS: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled prospective trial of 37 postmenopausal women with symptoms of estrogen deficiency was performed over a 12-week period. The women were randomized to three treatment groups: placebo, 40 mg or 160 mg, delivered in tablet form. RESULTS: There was no significant difference in the incidence of flushes between the three groups at trial conclusion. There was no difference between the groups in Greene Menopause Symptom Scores, vaginal pH, levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) or total cholesterol, liver function or blood parameters. A statistically significant increase in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol of 18.1% (p = 0.038) occurred in the 40-mg group.

CONCLUSION: A large placebo response and inadvertent use of dietary isoflavones in the placebo group may have obscured a significant change in flushing frequency. Previous uncontrolled studies claiming a beneficial effect of foods with a high isoflavone content on menopausal symptoms may have been confounded by a large placebo response.

Re: Promensil

Postby Aliva21 » Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:30 am

Two summers ago, I was depressed and was having hot flashes. I am 56, in great health so these symptoms were not acceptable to me. I asked my obgyn for HRT. She asked why I wanted them. I said I was depressed, having hot flashes and was worried about my heart and bones. She replied that if I wanted to help my bones I should take calcium. If I had heart problems, I should take heart medicine. I was probably depressed because I wasn't getting enough sleep due to hot flashes. I insisted on HRT. I had the patch for 2 monts. My belly looked like I was 2mos. pg. Not for they came. I then took Promensil. What a relief. They worked for me. I also excerise (running/walking) take a good calcium supplement and a good nulti-vit. I don't eat processed foods. I can't say that I am in perfect health because my cholesteral is high. I am sure that is due to my family traits. But...Promensil has been wonderful for me.
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Re: Promensil

Postby minniepauz » Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:29 am

Welcome to the forum, Aliva21! And thanks for sharing your experience with may not work the same for everyone, but at least it helps to hear that someone has tried it and had success! Hope to see you here often!
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