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Anyone tried or heard of wellbutrin?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2005 11:04 pm
by edenfairy
I so very much want to stop smoking. I am 48 and in the throes of menapause, doing it without HRT, so very often I'm a total nervous wreck..Bad as I want to stop smoking, I don't know if my already strained nerves can take anymore! I've heard of a drug called wellbutrin (I think), anyone know anything about it? I'd love to hear if you do.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 7:59 am
by minniepauz
I took wellbutrin years ago (as a anti-depressant) and it didn't do anything to stop me from smoking. It supposedly works for some people, but it didn't for me.

I used the lozenges almost 5 months ago when I quit and I thought they worked better than the patch (I used to smoke with the patch ON!--not good for your blood pressure!) You've also got to really, really want to quit for any of these things to work. Try to visualize the reality of what can happen to you if you don't, including having to carry around an oxygen tank because you have emphysema or having one of those voice box things in your throat because of throat cancer or losing your hair from chemo.

Everytime I think I want a cigarette (STILL) I remind myself how foolish it is to want to suck smoke and tar and all the other crap down into my lungs. I actually get over it pretty quick. To me it's mind over matter.

Finally, look at these pictures:

Stop Smoking the easyway

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 1:18 am
by moonkwean
There is a book that you can get from the library called " The easyway to stop Smoking" by Allen Carr. I took this book out the maximum amount of times I was allowed and had not finished it ( over 3 months ). I was a dedicated smoker, Allen Carr changes the way you look at smoking ( oh by the way you smoke the whole time you read the book). I finally finished the book and smoking for good. Allen Carr was a three pack a day smoker so he treats you like a human being with an addiction rather than using scare tactics and guilt. You know what! it was easy to stop withdrawl etc. I am now a dedicated non-smoker without the smugness. This is the only method endorsed by the World Health Organization. You can also do the program online by going to the website. Good luck

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 6:45 pm
by minniepauz
Thanks for mentioning that book. I had already quit when someone told me about it, but next week my sister will be visiting me, so I think I'll get her reading it.........she's trying to quit, but hasn't been able to.

Funny thing is, our maiden name is Carr. :)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 9:34 am
by minniepauz are you doing? Have you tried to quit or still not quite at that place yet? I just passed the 6 mo. mark so I'm pulling for all of you who really want to quit....I truly understand how hard it is, but I also proved that it can be done, even after 43 years of smoking (mostly two packs a day). There are SO many reasons why I'm happier now that I've quit, even though I still miss it sometimes.


PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:40 am
by abbiegrrl
I used that to help me quit about 6 years ago. I have a very addictive personality, and I was able to drop them fairly easily. (HAD been taking it originally for dep., also)
Breathing is SUCH a kewl thing! :)


PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:06 am
by Linda Lin
When I took this drug years ago for depression I had to stop it immediately because of the excruciating headache it gave me.


PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:59 am
by minniepauz
Linda Lin wrote:When I took this drug years ago for depression I had to stop it immediately because of the excruciating headache it gave me.

Linda, are you still trying to quit smoking? My sister quit using Chantix...