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Postby parts2you » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:17 pm

i am 53---no periods for what will be two years in november. I am down to just two problems,but the one is wrecking havoc with my life. the first one is,i was having achiness in my upper arms for about three months,constant. then,the achiness pretty much went away,but now both elbows are tender. no pain,just tender. I feel it more when i stretch my arms out,or move/bend.
the worst thing is the headache/offbalance/foggy/terrible,and i mean TERRIBLE will all ease up for a day or so,and then has been right back....for about the last two weeks.
in the past at the docs,ive been given headache meds,allergy meds...all to no avail. i just learned to live with it...and it did seem to get less frequent---this flare up is the first i have had in at least a year,but it is a bad one.
last time i was at the docs,my head was not an issue,but i told her about my elbows. she said she thought they looked swollen (i dont)and mentioned maybe arthritis...but it was an afterthought as i was leaving,and we said we'd talk about it next time.
the head thing is the thing that is upsetting me most. it is causing me much stress,which only makes it worse....but i feel like i cant do my job very well,actually i know i cant....and...i am job hunting for something better,and think i am going to be offered a really good job,but i am so afraid to take it,for fear i will not be able to remember and comprehend the things i am taught! i feel like i am stuck at my old job now,because i am so unconfident because of the memory and fogginess problems.
do you have any suggestions? i am wonderin if i should try some kind of natural estrogen..till i get to the doctors on the 27th.
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Postby feelgooddoc » Thu Sep 13, 2007 11:58 am

oftentimes, the feelings you are decribing are due to a deficiency in progesterone. Progesterone helps women to think more clearly, get rid of the "foggy head", and even sleep better at night. When women are hormonally challenged, or toxic, (which may also be the case with you) many problems can occur with their joints, skin, muscles, etc. while estrogen may also play a part, if you are not expiriencing hot flashes, it may be less so. if you have an anti-aging doctor in your area, you may want to go there. you would need your hormones tested (saliva is best) first to see where you are at. you should also look at your nutrition to see how that may be affecting you. if you have a doctor that specializes in cranial osteopathy, that may also help with the symptoms you describe. good luck and let me know how you fare.
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