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Pomegranate and Cherry Juice?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:19 am
by psexypsychic
Hi, Dr. Linda.

I was just wondering what the benefits of pomegranate and cherry juice are. I tried googling for myself but all I got were blog-like things and "reviews" of different juice brands.

Along with the peri symptoms I get to deal with daily, I have what was first called "unexplained edema" and then was told it was "stress-induced" and aggrivated by the peri hormones (it was around then that the edema started- when the peri symptoms became more severe).

I don't think its stress-induced either. I have been swelling almost daily (despite taking a water pill- hydrochlorothiazadide *spelling* daily). And I've cut back on my sodium (I have for years). I stay off my feet due to a knee injury that never healed (I even walk with a cane). And the swelling isn't just my legs, its all over. Sometimes it is localized in my legs, but mostly, its all over.

Anyway, I heard on some crappy morning news show that pom and cherry juice is supposed to be "good" for this kind of thing and I was hoping to get a more detailed telling of this "good" thing. One without the insanely cheerful bias of the "news" show.


PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 3:17 pm
by psexypsychic
I should add that I have a scheduled doctor's appointment on October 1st and the edema is one of the things I have noted (on a real note, no less!) to ask about.

I just wanted some relief in the meantime (or if it helps on a long-term basis, that'd be grand too, I'm tired of being prescribed a new pill at every turn).

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:46 pm
by feelgooddoc
dear psexy
pomegranate and cherry juice are indeed good for you. also included in this group are acai, goji berry and mangostene. our bodies have a need for both dark red and dark green pigments. the reds help the body rejuvenate, while the greens help with detoxification. in my clinic, i typically recommend both red and greens, along with a food based vitamins (NO artificial vitamins) and usually higher protein and less carbs (depends on lifestyle, or other conditions, like diabetes, for example). as for your edema, it is impossible to tell without examining you and hearing more of your history. burned out adrenals can cause edema, especially at and around menopause, but there are multiple other causes as well, such as high blood pressure or heart problems, or a previous injury to the limbs. also, peri menopause and menopause can cause edema in and of itself due to decreased progesterone levels. progesterone is a natural diuretic. you may wish to have your hormone levels tested, just make sure your doc uses a good saliva test, as it is much more accurate than blood. good luck

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 4:06 am
by psexypsychic
Thanks for the info. :)

I've been tested for everything else. So, luckily, I know it isn't my heart or blood pressure causing this. (my blood pressure is the hereditary type- I've had it since I was 25 years old).

When I was 34 my peri symptoms started and I knew something was going on, so I told my doctor that my thyroid was out of whack again, only to be told it was "within normal range". Well, it was, it had just been going up steadily. So, sixty-ish pounds later, and a new doctor, they upped my thyroid pill dose. Still, I knew something else was afoot and told the doctors at each visit I thought peri was going on. Of course, I was pooh-poohed because "obviously, you're too young!"

Never mind my family history.

Then they put me through several tests- from ultrasounds, blood tests, scans, and various things I had to drink different stuff for- it was all very time-consuming because I have to go to the VA hospital and most of my "two years of tests" were spent waiting for an opening for the testing procedure. After all was said and done, they finally said, "Well, I guess you were right! It IS perimenopause..."

It wasn't till a year later they told me the edema was "stress-related". That seems to be their catch-all phrase when they can't tell me something definitive... "oh, its stress-related"...

Since the VA is a teaching hospital, I get a new doctor every two to three years. The one I just had for two years was great- he was the one who went to the limits for me (he'd even call me with test results- on a Sunday no less!). I'm getting a new doctor this time around. This time its a woman... let's see how good she is. ;)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 9:48 pm
by feelgooddoc
good luck with your new doctor. hopefully she will open minded enough to take your symptoms seriously. also, i am curious if you are on a natural thyroid medication, such as armour, or a synthetic, such as synthroid. all the hormones work together, and at menopause or peri menopause, the adrenals typically tank, taking the other hormones with them. even if you were well balanced with your thyroid, it may not be balanced now. hypothyroidism can also cause edema. remeber that hormones need to play a balanced rhythm, like a symphony. if one is out of tune, you may not notice it unless it is extreme, but if 2 or more are, you will not "play" right. often little adjustments are all that is neccessary. good luck and let me know how things turn out
take care
dr linda

PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 3:48 am
by psexypsychic
I'm on Synthroid (have been since I was 18 ). I was on a yearly check-up for my TSH, but three-ish years ago, the doctor put me on every six months. Last April, he was concerned with it changing so much that I'm now on every three months for a blood check.

I wish my doctors would tell me these things so I'd stop worrying so much. Telling me it was "stress-induced" just seemed to stress me more. But knowing (or, being reminded) that it is possibly caused by my thyroid problem and/or peri symptoms sort of eases my mind a bit. I thought all this time I'd been doing something wrong.

Over the summer, I was asked by a friend to help out at her new age shop. My job consisted of me sitting around a lovely shop, surrounded by books and crystals (of various forms) and listening to meditation music and burning incense. Randomly, I'd get a customer or two (heck, I read a Dan Brown book in two days there). Not one thing was stressful about that job, yet, sometimes, I'd swell up. Now I have a full-time job (8 AM to 5 PM, except when I'm laid off) and the only thing "stressful" about that job is that I have to listen to the radio station that I don't like. And yet, I get puffy.

For what its worth, my new doctor's first name is "Blueleaf". I don't know why, but that makes me curious and happy. ;)

PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:52 am
by feelgooddoc
sounds like a fun summer! i personally like armour brand thyroid rather than synthroid. synthroid seems to treat the labs more than the person. people i have switched have noticed a great change in the way they feel, my thoughts are b/c its natural it works better with the other hormones, thus making more of a cohesive blend. some docs will tell you its not regulated, or that it varies from batch to batch, but that is not true. it may be true of generics, but not of the brand name. again, good luck with your doc, with a name like blueleaf you may be getting shamanistic doc that is open minded. let me know how things go

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 4:57 am
by psexypsychic
My doctor is sort of confined by the Veteran's Hospital guidelines. If it isn't approved, she can't do it for me. (In fact, there's a list of what isn't allowed for me).

So, till I go back in six weeks, the only thing that has been done differently is an increase in my water pill dose. I suppose that's better than nothing. She did order a diabetes test for me- but I don't think I'm diabetic. I don't have any other symptoms.

They did tell me that exercise would help (well, duh), but quite obviously, I can't exercise because of my knee.

Edited to add- I didn't mention my knee... March 3, 2006, I slipped on the ice and tore up my knee. I'm STILL walking with a cane as "orthopedics" is one of the things on the list of "not approved" things.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 12:40 pm
by feelgooddoc
its too bad the VA has such limited tests that they are allowed to run. hopefully the increase in your water pill will give you some relief. you may consider swimming if you are able as that will allow you to exercise without putting stress on your knees. you may need to go outside the VA to an anti-aging doc to get the hormonal help you need. good luck , keep me posted
dr linda

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:40 pm
by psexypsychic
The only thing stopping me from going to a non-VA doctor is the cost. That's part of the reason I can't get knee surgery- no way to afford it.

Also, swimming isn't an option- the only place to do that around here (I live in a smallish town in Wisconsin) is the YMCA and again, no way to afford it! (that and I'd never go into public in a swimsuit!).

On the good news front- I went to a pharmacy yesterday to pick up a knee brace. Problem was that it was a sleeve type and I couldn't get it up over my swollen calf. So, today, after work, I took it back and asked for help in finding a wrap-around kind. Not only did they help me, they ordered one directly from the company, in the size I need it in. And it will be big enough to accomodate any swelling I might get throughout the day. It'll be in next week. I look forward to NOT walking with the cane!