Pinkie finger is mutating?!?

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Pinkie finger is mutating?!?

Postby SLee » Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:14 pm

So...when I first signed on to Minnie, I was a trainwreck. Now I am a hungry observer. After I came to this website, I printed out the "35 symptoms of meno" and took them to my next
MD visit, and she smiled and said that the average age was 51 and prescribed anti-depressant's, and I filled that script and came home and did my research and haven't refilled. I am trying to address the hormone issue homeopathically.

My question is: Why is the 'pinkie finger' on my left hand swelling as though there is a foreign growth in it? It doesn't hurt. I am not an athlete. I just have a lump on the end of my 'marriage side' pinkie finger. Have you seen this before?
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Postby feelgooddoc » Thu Sep 27, 2007 11:06 am

Hi SLee
without being able to see and palpate your finger it is impossible to tell you what is going on. It could be a cyst, you may of injured it without knowing it, or a hundred other things. If you have a good osteopath in your town I would have him or her examine it and go from there. They would be able to manipulate it back into place if that is the case or refer to an orthopedic surgeon if there was a severe problem. Usually a swollen finger has been injured and just takes a little while to repair itself. Of course if your hormones are off, that doesn't help any. And despite the average age of menopause being in the 50's, there are several women in their 30's that have hormonal/peri/menopausal problems. If you scored that high on the symptom test you took, you may be one of those. good luck and let me know how things turn out.
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