Hypothyroidism and Progesterone/Oestrogen

There is still so much we don't understand about our thyroid and how it's related to menopause. The symptoms are so similar so in this forum we can talk and learn about each other's experiences and research.

Hypothyroidism and Progesterone/Oestrogen

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from http://www.progesterone.co.uk/thyroid.htm

Hypothyroidism & Weight Gain
Interference with thyroid hormone activity is often one of the basic causes of hypothyroidism, which, in turn, is responsible for more than 100 different symptoms, not the least of which is otherwise unexplained weight gain.

Commonly observed symptoms include:

Dry Skin

Intolerance to Cold/Heat

Muscle Weakness

Memory Loss
Menstrual Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Swelling of Hands, Feet, Eyelids
Loss of Hair

Heart Palpitation
Premenstrual Syndrome

Emotional Instability
Weight Gain

Unopposed oestrogen (oestrogen dominance) can interfere with thyroid hormone activity and is often an underlying cause of thyroid dysfunction. Because oestrogen and thyroid hormone have opposing actions, probably at the thyroid hormone receptor level, unopposed oestrogen will prevent the thyroid hormone from "completing its mission", resulting in "hypothyroid symptoms" despite normal serum levels of thyroid hormone.

Conversely, progesterone re-directs the activity of oestrogen by increasing the sensitivity of oestrogen receptors and, most importantly, inhibits many of oestrogen's undesirable side effects, which includes interference with thyroid hormone activity.
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