Candida symptoms similar to low thyroid

There is still so much we don't understand about our thyroid and how it's related to menopause. The symptoms are so similar so in this forum we can talk and learn about each other's experiences and research.

Candida symptoms similar to low thyroid

Postby Laura26 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:33 pm

A while back I had real problems with Candida Albicans that went on for over 7 years - a long, uncomfortable story.

However, when the medical profession ran out of ideas I turned to alternative therapies and started reading a lot about the condition. I'd previously thought candida only affected one's tender places but it's a whole body thing. Many of the symptoms mirror those of low thyroid function including weight gain, poor skin, lethargy and low mood. I'd been tested repeatedly for low thyroid but all tests came back as normal.

According to the literature, many of us suffer from Candida without actually realising it - it doesn't always give you the itches. A lot of sufferers attribute their symptoms incorrectly to thyroid problems and many medical professionals do not even recognise it as a "disease" it itself.

There's lots of info about Candida online and it makes very interesting reading. Some of it might strike a chord with members.

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