Belly up to the Feedback Bar!!!

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Belly up to the Feedback Bar!!!

Postby SLee » Mon Aug 28, 2006 12:11 pm

I'm new to Minnie, 46 and desperate for feedback. I joined because I did a search on 'Menopause' after a sibling insisted that I was either 'going through it' or needed to be institutionalized (A real pick-me-up). I am having a 'wellness check' this TH and have not had one for 3 years due to anxiety...i.e....I am the Panic Attack queen, lying in the corner, sucking my thumb and rubbing my 'blankie'!!! I have always been the 'go-to girl' in times of tradegy with family and friends, but now I barely leave my home or answer my phone cause I'm afraid of what I will encounter. I am the youngest of 10, and the other 5 girls are between 65-70 years old. They don't even recall Menopause, and I was my mother's mid-life mistake at 46 - (she's long deceased). My kids are 22-21-20 -and the reason I draw my next breath. My 22 YO girl graduated from college and got married last summer. 20 YO son got a scholarship to an Ohio college at the same time and moved, and my 21 year old has Down's Syndrome & Autism and finished his last year of HS and is home with me now, 24/7. I am morbidly depressed. I had an honest-to-goodness Panic Attack many years ago that was diagnosed and treated. My obsession, as of late, seems to be one of a diagnoses of some sort of horrific disease. I routinely cry from morning till night, and my son with DS stares at me as if I'm a Unicorn. I don't have ambition or conversation for anyone or anything and I pity my husband.
FYI - 2 months ago, I menstrauted on schedule, and a week later, did it again for 10 days, not even enough to fill a regular tampon in a 24 HR period, just a slow, annoying drip. Didn't bleed again for a month, got it again, bled like a gutted animal for 24 hours, and then a slow leak, on and off, for the next 20 days. I truly feel like a broken faucet. I have every peri-symptom on the 'list of 35', and some no one has thought of yet. I could go on for days and pages and hours, but my imagined problems are insignificant. I appreciate any advice, sharing, and connection with other women that tells me that even if I'm not OK or do feel alone...that I am OK...and I'm not alone...reading your posts has helped me a lot...Thank you all for your time...
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Postby minniepauz » Mon Aug 28, 2006 12:51 pm

SLee, welcome!! Do I have a cartoon for YOU!! hehehe....


The only thing that has gotten me through all the trials and tribulations of life is having a sense of humor! My god, must be an awesome MOM to have all your kids be doing so well!

It sounds like you might be a perfect candidate to consider hormone replacement. See what your doc says on Thursday and try to take one step at a time towards getting your body back into balance. Reading everything you can will help. I have a great resources page here: so you can start there and I hope you joined the newsletter list:

You will always find a shoulder and an ear around this place, so just keep coming back and you'll find that you start feeling better. See you soon!
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Postby niftyfifty1 » Mon Aug 28, 2006 10:51 pm

Hi SLee,

Welcome, Welcome!! :D to the best group of ladies, and dear friends to be here for you any time of day or night.

And if you don't post for a while, someone will be posting a "Where are You" :wink: Because they care.

You will find lots of similar symptoms that we share to not be alone.

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