Need to know....panic with hotflash

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Need to know....panic with hotflash

Postby Rita » Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:57 am

Hi Everyone. Just need to know am I the only one who experienced panic/anxiety with hot flashes? I thought that it was common. My books are put away so I'm looking for a quick answer.
Okay, now I need to vent. I keep hearing so much about HRT that I just want to scream! I see Matt Lauer under a blanket to see how it feels to have a hot flash and listen to the Dr. on the Today Show tell how bad HRT is. Although they have said it is a personal decision, I haven't heard anyone who is in as bad of shape as I was, saying they are sticking it out WITHOUT HRT. With anxiety 24/7, panic attacks, depression, etc, being "afraid" to leave my house for a year and a half but getting my life back including a job after starting HRT made the decision easy for me. It just makes me so mad that so many are so quick to put down HRT. I could stick it out too if it just meant feeling hot now and again. What about the other 34 symptoms!!!!
Okay I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent! lol But really I still am curious, is it common to have panic/anxiety with the hot flash???
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Postby minniepauz » Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:36 am

Hi Rita...welcome to the forum! Where are you in MI? I'm in Oxford :)

First of all, I've heard MANY women say they have panic attacks with hot flashes, so you're definitely not alone there.

Also, the choice to use hormone replacement is a very personal one and there are still hundreds of thousands of women who choose to use them. My sister is one...she uses bio-identicals and those have been coming under attack lately, but she says no one is taking hers away!! :)

The key is to be as informed as possible about all your options and make your decision with your doctor. You don't have to feel that you're doing something wrong because you choose to use them. The main thing I've gathered from all the reports these days is that if your symptoms are unbearable, you should use the lowest dosage possible for the shortest time possible, depending on what gets you through the worst part.

The problem before was that women were being told that hormone replacement would prevent heart disease, etc. and they found out it wasn't so. It's really tough to determine the absolute truth about all of this because there haven't been enough studies for enough years to get a definitely answer....we're all too different. I do believe that the previous years of prescribing these drugs indiscriminately to all women is what caused so much breast cancer and now that so many women quit taking them 4 years ago, the cancer rates have dropped dramatically.

Like I said, just make sure you are educated about all sides of the issue and that you make your decision based on your doctor's recommendation and your family history.
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Postby psexypsychic » Wed Jan 10, 2007 6:00 pm

I'm not in MI, but I'm in Southern WI. ;)

I have regular hot flashes daily. I can count the times I've had a "panic-attack/hot flash" on one hand. I believe I posted about it here on the board somewhere.

My docs won't give me any kind of hormones because I still have a uterus (and I beg for a hysterectomy every time I see my doc) and I'm scared to try herbal or OTC remedies because I take other medications (blood pressure and thyroid meds).

All three of my panic-flashes were at high stress times in my life and involved me not eating for several hours. It was suggested I pay attention to my blood sugar.

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Postby Rita » Sat Jan 20, 2007 8:49 am

Thanks for the replies. I know that HRT is best for me at this time. I guess I just have to realize that a lot of people don't struggle with the symptoms as badly as some, therefore it is easier for them to say not to use it at all. I know they are just trying to inform us of the dangers. Dee, I'm between Ann Arbor and Lansing in a very small village. Thanks again for letting me vent! :D
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Postby gorgeousfluffpot » Fri Feb 09, 2007 1:55 pm

I've had this, the panic was particularly frightening as normally I am very confident and outgoing .... weird! I did some reading up and saw that the herb St. Johns Wort was recommended so I bought a small bottle. A few drops a day in a glass of water and I noticed after about four days that I just felt more stable and (fingers, toes and eyes crossed!) I've not had once since! I still take the St. Johns Wort every day and I do think it has done the trick. Hope this recommendation helps!
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Postby colopam » Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:36 pm

Just be sure to check any drug interactions while using St. John's Wort as it can interact with many drugs esp. anything to do with anxiety or depression!! The pharmacist should be able to tell you.

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