Late periods - sorry bit of a long posting

For those of you who are just beginning this wonderful process, here we can narrow down the symptoms and ask questions like "am I starting perimenopause?"

Late periods - sorry bit of a long posting

Postby moodswinger » Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:15 pm

Forgive me if I am asking something already covered :roll:
I have read a lot about periods that come frequently and become heavier.
I am the opposite at the moment. Always had a longer cycle as a teenager (35-40 days) and period lasted about a week.
Sort of regulated as I got older and a bit better after children and birth control pill.

I am 50 now and I think my periods started to get closer together from about 46 ish (hard to remember - thats another symptom isn't it :lol: ) They have become lighter over recent 12 months and very little physical symptoms of PMT. This time though I have gone 44 days and feel like I have had PMT for three weeks! My boobs are sore and tingly and I get stomach ache as if I am going to have a period but nothing. I know the liklihood of being pregnant is about .05% but I still feel weird and I don't like this "regular reassurance" being missing.

As I have had the absence of PMT for so long, I was just wondering if this re-occurrence of physical symptoms is partly due to peri-menopause and is it worse when periods are late because of a build up of hormones?

I am interested to read about the anxiety too. I started to have really bad anxiety attacks about 2.5 years ago and was off work with stress for 6 weeks. I felt really out of control - very scary. Went from a capable person to an absolute wreck... difficulty driving, going out all sorts of rubbish. Had acupuncture for a while which seemed to be just putting me bac on track a bit.

Then heartbreak and utter shock and devastation when my son was killed in a car crash in December 2005. I seemed to muddle through for 12 months or so, although obviously not "right" I wouldn't give in and kept going to work, on and off. Last May I just froze one day when going out of the house and haven't been out of the house alone since then. I have this panic come over me and feel so afraid to be outside. I get to work in the car, and manage the car park and into the building, but have to have help if it is dark. (Although Ihave to say that since Xmas I have been improving psychologically). I was referred to a psychologist who diagnosed extreme anxiety (no surpsie there then!)

I have read that some ladies on here have noted their OCD worsens during this time and I too have linked my OCD to hormones as it kicked off with post natal depression - twice. It seems that when my period is due I get my OCD and anxiety a lot worse.

Doc suggested anti-depressants which I was reluctant to take, so instead have taken St Johns wort for 6 months and now having a break from that and taking Passiflora.

Sorry this is so long............................ do you want to go get cup of tea??? :oops:

ANyway, it has been hard to tell if I have been "weird" due to the bereavement or my hormones, but as the time is going on I think it is a combination of both like a double whammy. I do think though that help with the hormones, understanding it a bit better and taking something to keep be calm would be a good idea. Or anything that would try balance me rather than treat the symptoms?

Any help or comments would be appreciated as I am getting frustrated with my life right now and it is affecting those close to me too. I felt I was just pulling myself out of a black hole after losing my gorgeous son, and now my body is going to pot!!! :?

Thank you very much
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Re: Late periods - sorry bit of a long posting

Postby minniepauz » Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:14 pm

Girlfriend, that is more than anyone should have to deal with and I'm so happy you've found your way here where I believe the most generous and compassionate women are! They may not all post, but they are reading and sending you strength through their thoughts and prayers.

I'm glad you reached out because sometimes we who have not experienced what you have might not know how to approach you. This way I feel that you are doing the right thing by letting us in and hopefully we will be able to bring you some comfort and support by sending virtual hugs and showing you that you're not alone.

Be strong and keep posting! You can use the search feature on the board to zero in on any topic specifically or for detailed health questions, post to Dr. Judy.
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Re: Late periods - sorry bit of a long posting

Postby psexypsychic » Tue Mar 11, 2008 4:13 am

Firstly, **hugs**. :)

I can say that I've noticed an intensity to my PMS symptoms since all this started for me. I've never had anything diagnosed (such as OCD or anxiety), but when my period gets near (that is, IF it gets near, they're so out of whack these days), I get what I call "twitchy". My kids also call me the menopause monster, which isn't really fair since their teen hormones are just as crazy as mine. ;)

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Re: Late periods - sorry bit of a long posting

Postby CathyW » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:18 pm

First, I am so sorry about the loss of your son. You haved lived through every parents nightmare. After that who wouldn't have anxiety issues? Then add crazy peri meno hormones and I'm not surprised your having a difficult time. I haven't suffered a loss like you have and anxiety has been one of my worst meno symptoms. Many days I have to force myself to go out of the house...It would be so much easier just to curl up here at home and forget about what needs to be done.
As for the such thing as "normal" in peri. Its been about 2 months since my last period (longest I have ever gone) and I too have cramps,sore breasts etc off and on for the last couple of weeks but no period. I am telling myself this is a good thing and maybe I'm closer to the end of this darn roller coaster ride.
Know that you are not alone...we may not be able to understand what you have been through...but we are here for you.

Cathy :bighug:
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Re: Late periods - sorry bit of a long posting

Postby moodswinger » Tue Mar 11, 2008 6:25 pm

Thank you for welcoming me and for your responses! Seems even the other side of the world there is a female connection lol :lol:

I think the physical symptoms are an irritation, by now we should be used to stomach cramps and sore boobs we have had them every month for about 30 years give or take a few missed while we grew babies!

Its the head stuff I don't like... the anxiety, silly thoughts, loss of confidence. Even worrying that I have symptoms that remind me of being pregnant even though I know I am not, I have worrying thoughts about how similar these peri symptoms of PMS with no bleed remind me so much of first finding out I was pregnant. Its like my body is teasing me I am still young lol :roll:

ANyway, its good to be in contact with some new people. Last forum was TCF which was a great help but I had to pull away from that so that I could move on because I was reminded of my loss, and other parents', and I felt it kept opening wounds.

Seems there are people on here from all over the world! Cool..... or hot depending on the hormone cycle I guess!
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Re: Late periods - sorry bit of a long posting

Postby michelilow » Tue Mar 25, 2008 1:04 pm

I just had to reply when I read your post, esp the bit about OCD. I had never experienced this before till about 6 months ago & it was pretty frightening to say the least. :? I have been going through peri for 5 years now with all the symptoms except hot flushes & night sweats.
Well I had this sudden thought in my head & the compulsion to do something terrible & I have no idea where it came from but it scared the hell out of me so much, that I had to try to forget them. I really thought I needed to be on the psycho ward at the hospital. :evil: The more I tried the worse it was. I did manage to control it in the end but it came back with avengence a couple of weeks ago & it was so bad I have had to see my GP about getting help.
I feel so depressed :cry: when my period arrives too & the last one seemed to go on forever & even though it was a week late it lasted nine days. It wasn't so much of a period after the first five days just spotting.
Anyway, my GP has told me to increase the dose of ST John's Wort which I have been taking for four years now. I cannot tolerate antidepressants with being on them solidly for 13 years previously & them making me feel so ill.
I have had so much stress :( in my life since Oct last year, when my 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system. She has gone through chemotherapy with all it's horrendous side effects & she is now waiting to start radiotherapy. As if that wasn't enough, my father was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach in Dec & he went through major surgery a month ago.
Up until about a fortnight ago I thought I had held it all together well & not fell at the first hurdle but I am now slowly falling apart. After all, I have had to stay strong for Holly as she relies on me most having suffered with depression herself in her last years at school through bullying. I didn't want to have her worrying about me, as well as trying to get through her illness.
MY GP has told me that these thoughts & compulsions are due to the depressive state I am in at the moment but I am sure a lot of it has to due with the peri, as these thoughts always come when I seem to be on a period or just after & last for a few days then go away again.
I have asked for counselling again too, as this helped me in the past. I pray that they don't come again next time, :? as they are awful & I couldn't even bring myself to tell anyone, not even my husband about them till recently.
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