Finished with periods?

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Finished with periods?

Postby ladydebubba » Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:47 pm

Wondering if I am finally winding down on my periods. I have not had a period since early January and it did not amount to anything more than spotting really, may have lasted two days if that. I know one thing, I have been really tired and going to bed every night around 10:00 which is early for me. And from what I've read of the symptoms fatigue is one of the symptoms along with many other things I have experienced over the past several months, hot flashes, night sweats at times, achy joints, cold hands, etc. I am not crazy about the way I am feeling if it is the end for me. I probably should be on some type of hormone. Wondering if hormones make a woman feel better when going through the change. I've never been on one so I don't know, but I know they can cause breast cancer. I would like to read comments from others going through this. Thanks.
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