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Postby Zero » Wed Nov 12, 2003 11:02 am

This is a topic that deserves a thread by itself. I'm also going to add posts from the old EZBoard so we don't lose it.


Postby Zero » Wed Nov 12, 2003 11:04 am

A Word Of Caution About A New Product For Libido - Avilmil
There is a new product on the market to stimulate a woman's libido, it's called Avlimil. It is made up of herbs that are suppose to stimulate a woman's desire for sex. Be cautious of this product ladies, it contains Black Cohosh, Red Clover and Licorice
Root, all of which are pretty powerful phytoestrogens. The verdict is still out on whether or not these phytoestrogens stimulate the estradiol level which is responsible for breast cancer in women

Ingredients of Avilmil:

Salvia officinalis (Sage leaf), Rubus idaeus (Red raspberry leaf), Isoflavones from Pueraria montana (kudzu root extract) and Trifolium pratense (red clover extract), Capsicum annuum (Capsicum pepper) , Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice root), Morella
cerifera (Bayberry fruit), Turnera diffusa (Damiana leaf), Valeriana
officinalis (Valeriana root), Zingiber officinale (Ginger root), Actaea racemosa (Black cohosh root).

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Postby Zero » Wed Nov 12, 2003 11:10 am

Thank you for posting this; I'm on my 2nd week of the "free trial month".

I completely agree.

As for myself, I think I just wanted it to work and didn't look too closely at the ingredients. I've discontinued it, and will look in other directions for help.

Thanks again!

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Licorice root can have other side effects, besides those of phytoestrogen.
This is from Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James F Balch. It is not my opinion.
From the 2nd ed., page 73.

CAUTION:Should not be used during pregnancy, or by persons with diabetes, glaucoma, heart disease, high blood pressure, severe menstrual problems, or a history of stroke. Also, should not be used on a daily basis fro more than seven days in a row, as this can result in high blood pressure in persons wilth previously normal blood pressure.


I just found your post tonight (9-9-03) and I am in the midst of ordering my "free" trial of avilmil. I am 39 years old with two children and a wonderful, supportive husband.

I happen to be on several medications for depression which are known to affect one's libido. I am grasping at straws at this point to try to find SOMETHING that will help my libido. I have asked all my doctors if there is anything I can try -- prescription or OTC. They both shook their heads sadly and said there wasn't a "viagra" for women yet. I did ask them about avilmil and the other product sold on TV that is topical -- starts with a v, can't remember the name right now. The only answer I got was from my psychiatrist, who said that one of the medications I am on (Prozac) is the main culprit. After talking it over with him, we decided together that at this point we don't want to lower my dosage on this medication since my depression can be so debilitating. Hopefully I will be able to slowly lower my dosage of this medication, but for now it is more important to keep me "functioning" rather than deep in depression.

I was going to go ahead and order my "free" trial of avilmil tonight, but I after I read it was a way for them to automatically send me the medication every three weeks, I am not going to order it for now since we can't really afford it. When it comes to the cautions you spoke of, what immediatley came to my mind was that there isn't a history of breast cancer in my family, thank God, so that possibility really doesn't frighten me. Perhaps I am not being cautious enough, but I am really desperate at this point, sigh.

I will also keep looking here for any more suggestions.
Anyway, if anyone has any advice, knowledge, experience, suggestions, whatever, LOL please respond.

Thank you


No, I haven't heard about that at all. I have asked my doctors for suggestions and I just get blank stares. Please tell me more about this or any other "natural" things I could try. I just feel awful that I am having so much trouble in this area of my life. I love my husband dearly and yet in this area I am "mute" you might say.

If anyone has any other ideas, suggestions, please let me know. Where would I get the natural progesterone? Is it expensive? Is it OK to take with prescription meds? I am full of questions, LOL - but I promise to be patient.



Re: natural progesterone
Tracy, please make certain that if you're taking prescription drugs, you discuss any additional stuff with someone who knows your history and can advise you about changing your regimen.

Also do as much research as you can on any remedies you want to try since there's no one solution that works for everyone.

More posts about Avilmil

Postby Zero » Wed Nov 12, 2003 11:17 am

Have you seen the ads on TV lately for Avlimil for Female Sexual Dysfunction? Well, don't waste your money. See the article below, taken from a pharmacists' review newsletter.

Thanks Dee and all of you!
Dear Dee,

Thank you for that link! I already had decided to wait about buying "alvilmil", but after all this information I have decided to never let them have my CC #.

Also, thanks to all of you with your words of wisdom and help. You are all a great group of women!



Postby Zero » Wed Nov 12, 2003 11:26 am

I hate for anyone to have to go through this,but it's nice to know how common it is.I'm only 25,I'm not married,but I've been living with my fiance for almost 4 years and we have a 2 1/2 year old son.We had a pretty good sex life until I got pregnant,and it went downhill from there. I had heard that it was commom to loose your libido for a few months after you had a baby,so I just blamed it on that.But after a year I started wondering what my problem was.I have not wanted it once since I had my son. There is absolutely nothing he can do to turn me on.I love him, and I'm attracted to him,so what is wrong with me? I have to make myself do it and I hate every minute of it.I feel so bad.He's so good about it.I know he doesn't understand why he can't turn me on,and I tell him it's nothing to do with him,I know it bothers him,but he doesn't let it show,and he doesn't make me feel like he's going to go out and cheat on me,but I know we're both still young,and if things don't change soon,something will happen.We go for months sometimes.He doesn't even try or ask anymore.I have to do something about it.I know if we had a better sex life we'd have a better relationship.I've thought about trying avliml for a while now,but I wanted to look it up first,and now that I have I'm a little scared to.Someone wrote something about natural progesterone,are there any risks or side effects to that?Someone please help me.Something has got to be safe and work.Please give me some advice.

Progesterone cream....
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- would definitely be worth a try. I've heard lots of women say that it really improved their libido. I think the worst that could happen is that you might be one that doesn't get any benefit. If you have a doctor who will prescribe natural hormones, then ask about it. If you don't have a doctor, you can order it online, but you should read everything you can about it so that you know what kind to get. You can usually get a lot of help (and the progesterone) at a good healthfood store too.

I do hope you have someone who can help you figure out why you have this problem. It's obviously a hormone imbalance, but finding the right combination of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone can be quite a challenge. At your young age, you shouldn't have to go through all this.
Rebel with the Pause
Dee Adams

Re: A word of caution...
I would ask your doctor to check your testosterone levels. If they are low it can really affect your libido. If it is low you can get bio-identical(same chemically as what the human body makes) testosterone. I use a small amount of testosterone in a cream twice a week only and it has an affect on libido. My testosterone was low and for me I still had a libido but was feeling low energy and trouble remembering etc. I use a very small amount of testosterone cream(from a compounding pharmacy) and it has made a huge difference in how I feel. I am 44 by the way.

The progesterone might work for you as well. I would do some reading on this whole subject. Are your periods otherwise normal? Are they different in any way from before your son was born?

I have to say that when my kids were small I had no libido either. I was so exhausted with taking care of them that sex was the farthest thing from my mind. It did come back slowly as they got older and really came back after they were both in school. Its a lot of work raising little ones so don't discount that explanation either
best wishes to you.
Becky in OHIO
LAVH/BSO 10-99

I am not a medical professional. Always discuss anything you learn at Hyster Home with your personal physician

Natural Progestrone, etc.
I just found this site and was reading the postings. I found a wonder resource by a Dr. John Lee called "What You Doctor May Not Have Told You About Menopause". It has lots of amazing and valuable info whether you are menopausal or pre-menopausal (which can be way earlier than most of us think). I am a surgical hyster. survivor. I am 49 but went under the knife at in 1995. I was on "the patch" up until last summer and took myself off. I started having mood swings, trouble sleeping, hot flashes and fatigue. I read this dear former GP's book and it makes alot of sense. There are resources he lists including an address/phone to a lab that does hormone testing. This is done via a kit that you provide a sample of your saliva to be tested. It is $30 per hormone tested so it could really narrow things down for you. Can even be a combo of hormones you may be lacking in. You will see in the book how vital these little buggers are and if they are out of balance so are we and our lives. Fascinating and frustrating at once. This hormone test doesn't have to have a doctor write a lab order for it. You just send for it. Also, it took Dr. Lee's advice and started with the natural progestrone cream. It can't be just any progestrone cream...must be a certain percentage. The one I use is Pro-Gest by Emerita. I purchase a 4oz tube for $27.95 plus postage via the internet at That is approximately a 2 month supply. That is a great price as it is about $25.00 for a 2oz. tube at my local health food store! You must be patient though as it took me about 3 - 4 weeks to see the solid change, but it worked. The progest cream has helped to right my mood swings and I sleep like a baby again, however my libido STINKS. I am grateful for a patient husband. Not to be personal, but my probably isn't problem is being the one to initiate sex. I don't even think about sex anymore. If I see a good looking man, I have not a thought -- unlike the past. This is scary. I love sex, but my husband needs to feel like I want him. The progest hasn't helped me in this department so I suspect my testosterone is low, but I am terrified that if I take any of that then I will grow a beard or take on male characteristics in other physical ways. I haven't taken the saliva tests yet but will do so on this one. Now for my hotflashes which were killers. I use Walmart's Equate brand of Menopausal Support which is the same ingredients as Remifemin, but much cheaper. The Equate brand is about $9.95 for 1 month supply. It worked for me in about 3 weeks. I hope that some of this is helpful for you.
If anyone else out there has any suggestions I would love to hear them too.
The Dr. Lee book I purchased at Books-A-Million, but Borders and Barnes and Noble carry it as well.
Good luck.

Re: A word of caution...
here is the link for Dr. Lee's site. www,
Becky in OHIO
LAVH/BSO 10-99

Becky's Hysterectomy Story

Hyster Home ~ Hysterectomy Support

dear sousee,

Thank you for your posting. I have saved it and I will bring it with me next time I see my doctor.

Thanks again!


what about girls like me?
hi. i'm 21 and i'm dry a lot, but can fix that with lubrication, but i do find that i just lose interest in sex. I heard the commercial, and i thought that this might work for me. i don't want to use it all the time, just when my sex drive seem to fail me. Does anyone know if the progesterone would work for me,or am i "@#%$ out of luck?"

Post from the old board:

Postby Zero » Wed Nov 12, 2003 11:29 am

I am on my secord month, and I didn't read up on this, I read only the paper that came with the frist free month, A friend of mine found this web site and asked me if i saw it!! No I didn't but here I am and now, Reading the stuff that other women wrote now I see way I have been having bad head aches and not feeling right at all, so now I will be STOPPING THIS PILL asap,, thank you for this web site,,, wish I found it sooner, wish I found it sooner:


Postby huskymom » Mon Nov 17, 2003 5:14 am

I had breast cancer, I am 46, with no family history and haven't taken any hormones (birth control) or anything. Just wanted to tell you that and remind all women to have mammograms yearly. I didn't, although my doctor suggesed it. If I had gone in November last year when he told me to, they probably would have found that lump, brfore I did and may have saved my breast.
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Postby bklynmom » Wed Mar 03, 2004 5:59 pm

Have you heard about Vigorelle cream to enhance libido? Please tell me about it. I was going to order Avimil but after reading theses posts, I'm not going to.

Thank you.
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Postby patrina » Sun Sep 26, 2004 8:56 pm

If Avilmil is bad for you because it has Black Cohosh (as well as other herbal supplements) then why is Remifemin being tauted as a safe cure for menopause sypmtoms? I know it contains Black Cohosh. I am so tired of thinking there is something wonderful out there only to hear or read that it can cause breast cancer. I'm to the point I don't care anymore. I just want relief from all of these terrible peri-menopause symptoms that have drastically altered my life. Right now it seems that QUALITy of life is more important then Quantity of life. I know that may seem terrbile bu dibilatating meopause symptoms are seriously affecting quality of life here.
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Postby Willow » Mon Nov 01, 2004 7:31 pm

This seems like a good place to post my.... problem in...
I'm 52, three adult children, married 28 years.
Now after years of being 'ho-hum' about sex, I suddenly just can't get enough.... I feel like I'm in High School again... Sex is never far from my mind...
Am I weird?
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Postby Zero » Mon Nov 01, 2004 7:55 pm

Not weird, Willow.....maybe very lucky and one in a million though, from what I've heard. :) You may have more testosterone working for you than some women. Have you ever had your hormone levels tested? How are the other symptoms? Do you take estrogen supplements or any other remedies?

It sounds like you're making the most of this time in your life and that's wonderful! I hope you will share how you do it!

Postby Willow » Mon Nov 01, 2004 9:08 pm

I knew it.... I am weird!!
I get hot flashs in the evenings, and until I've fallen asleep, I guess that would be one long hot flash.... So I have a head start in lighting the flames... :lol: I have not had any interest for the last.. I don't know, 5 years anyway, then one day it's just always there.... I had my tubes tied after my third, so it's not concern.. I don't take any supplements....
I have been treated for depression for the last two years, and now I never felt better about life..... Making up for lost time?

I gotta go outside.... someone turned the heat ..... up must be 90 in here!!
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Postby Zetti » Sun Nov 14, 2004 2:31 pm

Willow wrote: This seems like a good place to post my.... problem in...
I'm 52, three adult children, married 28 years.
Now after years of being 'ho-hum' about sex, I suddenly just can't get enough.... I feel like I'm in High School again... Sex is never far from my mind...
Am I weird?

You're not alone, Willow. I posted earlier about my peri symptoms. This newly awakened interest in sex is one of the *symptoms* for me as well!

I take a lot of anti oxidants and vitaims, including black cohosh and soy estrogen, I dunno if it's related.

I also take an anti depressant and had the same concerns about the effect on libido. I take Lexapro and it most definitely has not dampened down that drive at all.

Dunno if it's hormone related or not, but heck enjoy it! I sure am :lol:

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Postby Willow » Mon Nov 15, 2004 7:23 pm

:D :lol: :D :lol: :lol:

There's two of us!

So nice to know there ARE others out there!
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Postby oldbag » Thu Nov 25, 2004 12:17 am

Speaking as a mom, married for 30 years and womens health care professional, what you describe is so common...
For the young moms, especially if you are still breastfeeding, your lack of libido is likely a combo of hormones and fatigue with a tad of pissed offedness thrown in for good measure. An interesting new study showed that men who help out with the kids and housework more than the average guy (like I guess more than 2 nanoseconds...) were more likely to have wives who were interested in sex and were having more sex than the slacker hubbies... now there's an incentive for getting out the vacuum, guys! Who knows, is it that the women got more rest, felt less rage and therefore felt more cuddly?The sight of a strong man in an apron? ....
One factor in the libido "dry" periods is that when you have less intimacy you get out of practise. Sometimes making the first move even if you are feeling a bit ho hum can rekindle the flame. Also, never underestimate the effect of a night/weekend away from the kids.

For the older women, from what I've heard, ebbing and then raging of libido is also common. I'm struggling with a much higher libido than my husband who I swear falls asleep before he hits the pillow. It used to be that a vacation would pep things up or afternoon naps would take care of business...I've taken matters in hand so to speak but it's not quite the same thing and at age 50 the likelihood of finding a younger lover (as if I would!!) is pretty unlikely.. Sigh, anyone else struggling with this one?
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