Have Fun with Your Midlife Years!

Hi all. I learned how to ride this motorcycle when I was 56 . It was something I count as my best accomplishment. I have a small 
                camper too and sometimes I go off all by myself camping just to get away. It helps everyone for me to get away when I have those miserable I hate everybody days. I'm also 
                learning how to play the harmonica!! 
                It helps to stay busy thru this awful time they call menopause! I've been going thru this for 10 years. Good luck to all my sisters just remember you can do anything you put your 
                mind to!! Dixie Rose
                Okay, you asked for it!
                I've attached a picture of what I'm going to be doing in 2006 to make my life better.   I started this hobby when I turned 40 and I'm now
                into my eighth year, and loving it more every day!
                Hope you have a "cool" 2006!....LM
                                                               TAKING CARE OF THIS YOUNG LADY...ANGEL...
                PUTS "FUN" IN EVERY 
                DAY OF MY LIFE!  SHE 
                IS MY SCHIPPERKE "DAUGHTER"!
                Well I am 52 now, and have felt like that as well....nobody wants me now.....:(  but! this Christmas I got out my old cake decorating skills and put my creative juices together and 
                came up with cookie bouquets for my family. Why barge thru the malls?? and go thru all that massive traffic. Just make tasty treats for gifts. They are fun! and look great! and 
                believe me..... you feel so good when the compliments come rolling in. These work for any occasion.Thank you for letting me share...Maryann
                                                                                 The Red Hat Society
                Great thing to join at our age, you have to be over 50 to join and we wear red hats of course and purple clothes. Ladies under fifty CAN join (but they only get to wear mauve 
                clothes and pink hats and accessories). If you look at the pic. you will see a pinl hatter with her head out the bus window...The young ones DON'T  REDUATE , until they are 50. 
                Something for them to look forward to at 50 instead of to dread the day. All started with a poem called WARNING by Jenny Joseph.
                We are a group of ladies who have formed a sistership and get together and go out and have fun outings on a regular basis. There are chapters all over the world. Our group in 
                in Gosford N.S.W. Australia. We have a lot of fun.This pic was taken when our Chapter went on this big red double decker bus to our local wineries. All had a great time. We 
                have picnics, lunches, dinners ,ten pin bowling comps etc etc etc. all kinds of outings and get togethers.  It is know as a disorganisation OR (Growing Old Disgracefully) ....Hope 
                you think this idea is good enough to go on your page. Bye for now, Judi,  A Red Hatter
                While I don't have a picture, I do have a story to add.  In 2005 after 32 years, I got on a stage and auditioned for a play.  I didn't get a part the first time, so I 
                auditioned for another play.  And I got the part!  The next audition was for a leading role and I got the part.  Having rediscovered my passion for theater after 
                letting it sit idle for 32 years (every year that passed I'd think "there aren't parts for people my age/weight, etc."), at 52 I am back to auditioning and acting and 
                being involved once again.
                I just keep thinking about the saying that says you should "dance like no one is watching". The Best is Yet to Come, Vicki in IL