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April 2014
Vol. 14 Issue 4


Dear Minnie Pauz Fans,

How many of you have gone on a retreat? I've always wanted to, but for one reason or another I never have. Articles and ads about retreats always catch my attention and I wonder if going can really help one "recenter" and refresh our lives to the extent that they are promoted? I know it would be a refreshing break from the day to day chores, work and worries, but are you really able to leave it all behind and immerse yourself in the revitalization of your brain cells? Or do you lose out on the experience because your subconscious thoughts are pick, pick, picking away at your two or three days that you've spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get there to RELAX?


Many articles and reports try to convince us that a retreat is what we all need, but there are so many kinds it would be difficult to make sure you chose the right one! (I certainly wouldn't consider an exercise/weightloss camp a retreat!) See, I'm already stressed just thinking about it! Maybe I need to find a retreat for choosing retreats! There are religious retreats, yoga retreats, marriage retreats and yes, divorce retreats! I even found one for "betrayed spouses". There's a "take back your life" retreat and then one to get "advice for your NEXT life". I think my first choice would be a silent retreat, but only if I could silence the conversation going on in my own head! That takes practice!


Here's what Ellen DeGenerous said: "Right before I decided to come out, I went on a spiritual retreat called 'Changing the Inner Dialogue of Your Subconscious Mind.' I'd never been to anything like it before, and all my friends were taking bets on how long I'd last with no TV, no radio, no phone. But for me that was the beginning of paying attention to all the little things." Ellen DeGeneres


There are many menopause retreats available across the country, but I like to use visualization techniques to "go away" everytime I felt the need! This is my idea for the Minnie Pauz retreat where there would be all kinds of activities, both mental and physical to choose from, plus the most luxurious, comfortable rooms/areas where each person could be alone if they wanted. There would also be group activities for those who wanted to socialize and communicate. Considering the fact that stress can cause so many physical problems (aches and pains, headaches and gastrointestinal), it would be a great idea to rejuvenate at a spa.


I'd love for you to share some of your ideas of where the perfect retreat would be. I invite you to send one that I can add to this page! It doesn't actually have to be a glorious spot (like the beautiful Chamomile Retreat below), but maybe you have created a cozy spot in your house or yard where you can let your mind wander for even a 10 min. break. I feel sharing will give us all some new ideas or at least a "retreat" from our worries for a few minutes.

Chamomile Retreat

Chamomile Retreat – The place for your peaceful getaway!
Ladies - Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you wanting to get away from the stress and chaos of daily life? Are you wanting some alone time? Sage Suite offers you the secure comfort of getting away by yourself where you can relish in solitude without being isolated. Because we are not a retreat center, you have the peace, quiet and privacy you desire when you are needing to get away to rest, to heal, to catch up on your sleep and to revitalize your energy; to have personal self-directed retreat time or to write. Visit us at!

Until next time!!
The Original Rebel with the Pause!
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From dr. Dr. Weil agrees that being optimistic can reduce your stress! Here's an excerpt from his newsletter:

"Optimistic women have better luck adopting healthy eating habits than women with a more negative outlook on life. But optimism itself isn't what makes the difference, according to a new study from the University of Arizona, Tucson. Instead, researchers found that the behavioral skills that tend to accompany optimism led to success. These skills include being aware of your own behavior as it is unfolding, monitoring your eating habits by making a mental note of what you've eaten or keeping track of your food intake in a journal, and finding a healthy way to cope with unpleasant emotions or stress (instead of smoking or reaching for junk food). For the study, the researchers analyzed information from 33,500 women between the ages of 50 and 79...... " Read the full story here.


From Too much stress affects your whole body, including your mouth, teeth, and gums.

The potential impact includes:

Mouth sores, such as canker sores and cold sores
Clenching or grinding your teeth
Not taking care of your teeth
Eating a bad diet
Gum (periodontal) disease or worsening of existing periodontal disease
Bad habits like chewing your nails, ice, pencils, or other objects

You can prevent these oral health problems, if you know what to do. Read more at the link above.

From Marnie Reasor: Spring is egg season, a time when hens are laying more eggs due to increased sunlight. The myth that eggs are bad for you and cause heart disease has been debunked. In fact, we need cholesterol to make hormones, and healthy hormone levels help regulate our female bodies and reduce stress so that we can maintain a healthy weight and high energy levels. I encourage you to eat more of these heart-healthy sources of protein that are chock full of nutrients several times a week, if not daily. 

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From The North American Menopause Society:  A Guided Menopause Tour

"Ahh, the menopause journey. No clear starting or ending point, odd diversions, and an estimated time of arrival that could span years. Menopause is certainly a trip. And needless to say, you could use some turn-by-turn directions."  This is a great way to look at what can be a long extended trip for many! There's also a few links to some "mapping" apps that will make your journey easier!

From the North American Menopause Society: If you are looking for a list of menopause practitioners in your area, find them here

Menopause doctor directory: We put out a call to the sisterhood and have compiled a list of perimenopause and menopause specialists from far and wide who have helped women achieve hormone happiness. These recommendations have come from followers of!

From The Menopause Map and Your Journey

Women who are going through menopause may have symptoms like hot flashes, waking up during the night and vaginal dryness. For most women, adjusting to menopause takes time. Menopause symptoms are different for each woman and your journey through this process will be unique. The Menopause Map will help guide you through your individual journey. The map is a resource for you and your primary care provider or ob/gyn to use in discussing whether menopausal hormone therapy is a good choice for you.

Below are links to "risk factor" questionnaires that will help you assess your current risks for breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke. It is important to determine your risks for these conditions before starting any type of menopause treatment. These tools are not meant for you to diagnose yourself, but to give you information to discuss with your health care provider.

If you decide to take hormone therapy, consider healthy lifestyle changes as well. Taking good care of yourself could help your menopausal symptoms as well as your long-term health.

Finally, most women aged 60 and older should probably not start hormone therapy. Younger women with severe menopausal symptoms are the best candidates for hormone therapy.

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