Menopause Retreat

Menopause Retreat

Just imagine a place......


....a place where everyone understands what you're going through....a place where you can be alone or be with others. A place where you don't have to remember anyone's name or care what time it is when you feel like taking a nap......a place where the temperature is always "just right"....where every pillow stays cool all other words, imagine the Minnie Pauz Retreat!

For now, it's just a vision, but with all of us visualizing the same image, we can make it happen. You can print out your own copy and display it somewhere that you will see it every day....and someday you will see it in reality. In the meantime, here's some places you readers sent! Thanks for sharing!

Sending this for the "retreat page" you mentioned in the newsletter.  Castle Lakes, CO.... Jennifer Oh wow...look at those chairs by the lake! Beautiful..... Dee

My husband and I visited Crater lake in April and I have decided it is THE most beautiful place in the world.  It is the place I see now when I close my eyes and take a breath ( you know those times). Martha in NY Absolutely gorgeous, Martha....Dee

This is a picture that I took at one of our local city parks here in Edmond OK, in the winter of course! I thought it would make a great "Cooling Off" picture. Love you news letter! Lorraine 
Definitely a "cool" place, Lorraine! .....Dee

Menopause Cool Photo!

My happy place is along the Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Warm sands, amazingly aqua blue water....take me away! Sandra 
Wow, Sandra, this is beautiful! Very soothing to look at!....Dee

Menopause Beach photo

Send YOUR favorite picture that "Takes you away"!


Hi Dee....great photo of the retreat! be there now (in warm temps of course!)....getting a massage, and sipping on a frozen marguerita!  LOL  Oh well, that is my visualization! 

Just wanted to let you know, this thing about visualizations.....when I was diagnosed with clinical depression in 1995, I was told by my therapist to "go" to my "safe place" when I was feeling overwhelmed.  My "safe place" was a walnut tree that hung over a pond in our high pasture.  There was beautiful green grass all around, and once when I went up there (for real...not visualizing) I dozed off under the tree....I awoke to find two does walking over to drink from the pond.....apparently they did not know I was there, or did not sense any danger from me.  This is what I would visualize when things got to be too much for me to handle in my life.  Now, years later...I am no longer longer on medication for depression (I still think it was a lack of hormones that caused the depression in the first place...I think I was going through menopause but since I had had a ptl. hysterectomy and had no periods for many years, it was hard to know, and the doctors told me I was too young!  I was having all the symptoms though, and did eventually start HRT.) Sadly, we sold our property several years ago, but even now, I can close my eyes and see my beautiful, safe place. 

Thank you for all you do for us gals in the "prime" of life!

Wow....have I found a place for you! I know this LOOKS like it might be an ocean, but notice the pine branches? This is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.....the Keweenaw Peninsula and it's my new favorite place!....Dee

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