Licensing Opportunities

Licensing Opportunities

Licensing Opportunities


Every seven seconds, one of America's 76 million baby boomers turns 50

Menopause, middle-age and women's health issues have been some of the "hottest" topics in the news around the world for nearly a year, but "Minnie Pauz" is the only cartoon character who has captured the attention of this market and speaks directly to the women who are dealing with these issues with a pure sense of humor.

The character's current success, classic status, loveable and optimistic 'everywoman' appeal makes Minnie Pauz a low-risk, profitable and proven property in any area of licensing, from apparel, stationary, novelty and impulse to corporate sponsorships and commercial applications.

Minnie Pauz® - The Rebel with the Pause. Minnie Pauz is fast becoming an icon for middle-aged women. No other cartoon character addresses the issues of the 40-50 million female baby-boomers like Minnie Pauz does.  Through a unique integration of humor and useful information, Minnie Pauz creator, Dee Adams, developed a ground-breaking approach to creating awareness for women's health and lifestyle issues.

The entire library of Minnie Pauz cartoons, along with Minnie’s trademarked phrases – “Rebel with the Pause™,” “I’m Hotter Than I Look™,” and “Menopausal Women are Hotter™,” - are available for licensing into all product categories including Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Giftware, Housewares, Home Furnishings, Furniture, Home Accessories, Social Expression Products and Personal Care Products.



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