Excerpt from Burn Fat for Fuel

Excerpt from Burn Fat for Fuel


The following is an excerpt from the book, "Burn Fat for Fuel", by Donna Michaels-Surface 
(Illustrated by Dee Adams)


Drinking pure water is absolutely essential for the removal of waste products from your body. What is pure water? Well, I can tell you what it is not. It's not the water that comes out of your tap. Let's start there. The following is a quote from An Analytical System Of  Clinical Nutrition by Guy R. Schenker, D.C.:

"Public water supplies contain large quantities of chlorine. Chlorination is essential to the distribution of sanitary water for household use. For household uses other than drinking, that is. (Although recent evidence suggests that bathing in chlorinated water may play some role in the recent dramatic increased incidence of Melanoma skin cancer.) Chlorinated water may be the most significant contributor to the atherosclerotic diseases. Chlorine sets off a free radical chain reaction that leads to plaque formation clinically resulting in degeneration, coronary, and stroke. Chlorine also results in the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in water (which are carcinogenic). A study by the California health department showed that chlorinated drinking water can increase the risk of miscarriage by 65%.


And what about fluoridation? Every country outside the U.S. which has tried fluoridating water to promote dental health has ultimately outlawed the practice due to it being ineffective and dangerous. Fluoridated water does not improve dental health; in fact it actually makes teeth more brittle. The quantities of fluoride found in may public water systems is toxic and inhibits cellular DNA repair. It is thus carcinogenic. It is also a causative factor in Down's Syndrome.


The case against public water is completed by noting the residues of aluminum salts, and the clinically significant quantities of pharmaceuticals found in water that has been through water treatment plants. Billions of pounds of drugs are eliminated annually in people's urine and feces. Waste treatment plants do not even touch much of this drug load, which is then "recycled' to you in "drinking" water.  Giving one example--the concentration of antibiotics is 1000 times higher in U.S. water than German water. The Center For Adaptive Genetics And Drug Resistance at Tufts University speculates that this may contribute to the antibiotic resistance developed by so many bacteria. Antibiotics are only one of hundreds of drugs found in public water."


Wow. Think about that the next time you turn on your tap, or order a glass of water in a restaurant!


So, it is not just the quantity of water we need to drink but the quality. Dr. Schenker says that "natural water  may be the most important nutritional consideration for everyone. Finding a good source of natural water is essential in preventing strokes, heart attacks, and kidney degeneration, and it is the best source of certain very valuable mineral nutrients. Considering this, we recommend that drinking water be from a natural source such as a spring or a well. And the water pH should ideally be 7 or above (see, Alkaline-Acid Balance). And what about filters or water purifiers? These are beneficial only in the rare instance that your public water has a pH above 7 and the desirable hardness. Then and only then will a good filter produce good drinking water. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Also, water softeners can be deadly, and under no circumstances should softened water be used as drinking water."


It seems you are better off finding a reputable source of spring water! But is it getting to your cells?


Dr. Gary tells us that it is possible to drink two gallons of water a day and still be dehydrated on a cellular level. (Water is like any other nutrient—if it doesn't make it into the cell, it does little good.) He finds this is the case in 70% of his patients when they first arrive at the clinic. And most people are not aware of the effect that dehydration has on the metabolism of the body. Water regulates all functions of the body. Therefore, dehydration can affect any part of the body. We need water for spine, joint, and disc health. Also, it has been discovered that Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, (ADHD) and all children that have difficulty in learning have one thing in common--dehydration! They are not getting water to the cells. In The Homeopathic Review, we read the following: "The difference at a cellular level is that a hydrated cell is like a grape that is full of water and is electrically charged and able to interact energetically. The dehydrated cell is like a raisin that is lacking water and is not electrically charged and unable to interact energetically. When dehydrated, the right side of the brain works independently of the left side. The charge that makes the electrical connection is missing. As a result, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing." We have assumed that because we drink  water we automatically absorb water. 
Recently, scientists have been introducing the theory that water needs to be "carried" to be assimilated. “The key to achieving hydration is to provide a transporter that will 
facilitate the uptake of water into the body," according to the Homeopathic Review. Adding small quantities of "transporters" can increase water uptake. Examples of transporters are: Apple, pear, and watermelon juice, caffeine, and dandelion.  Years of research has lead to the development of a product called Hydrate that is part of our Phase I Protocol, Let's Get Started. Hydrate contains the right dilute amount of caffeine, dandelion, Germanium (acts as an anti-oxidant) and silica. Hydrate also enhances the flow of electrical current in your body. Most people think they are drinking water when they drink coffee, soda, tea, or fruit juice, but most of these drinks actually speed up water loss. So, once again, drink pure, natural water.


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