Male menopause

Male menopause

Menopause info (& humor) for Men

This page is for the men who are trying to understand menopause. 
It will include links to all kinds of information related to menopause.

I love your web site Dee.  You have a great take on those damn hot flashes.   Women who have to face this, have their challenges, as my wife does, but the affect extends to husband and children.  I have found that we men need to educate ourselves that our wives volatile emotions do not center on us and we need to learn to not add to the challenge by adding our own emotions.  My wife brought me an audio tape (For Men Only, How to Love a Women Without Losing Your Mind, by Joseph Angelo), which also uses humor to point out some important stress saving strategies for men.  Thanks again Dee. 
 .......Tom Wilson


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"Hi: It is past midnight and my wife is bitching about my snoring so we looked up "menopause" to see why she cannot sleep.
Obviously my snoring causes the hot flashes. I have found many wonder solutions
on the NET tonight for snoring and "night sweats". Thanks for the laugh" 

"My wife and I loved your website we sat here chuckling for an hour. 
Thanks for a great start to the day"......Brian 

Male menopause is a lot more fun than female menopause. 
With female menopause, you gain weight and get hot flashes. 
Male menopause you get to date young girls and drive motorcycles or sports cars.


Is Male Menopause Real?


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Cartoon & Article 
"Male Menopause" 
by Phil Dente 
Editor, The Village View


Here are some creative efforts from men to express their own dealings 
with menopausal women
The Change

My sweetheart just turned forty-five, 
And I love her, oh, so dearly. 
But I’m a little mystified, 
Since she’s acting, oh, so queerly.

"Oh, it’s nothing that you’ve said or done," 
She assures me, ever sweetly. 
"My Change Of  Life has now begun." 
Then, she smiles and winks discreetly.

Smiling back, I take her hand, 
Reassuring and placating. 
In truth, I didn’t understand 
A thing that she was stating!

Just what she meant by "Change Of Life" 
I didn’t have a clue!? 
And when I asked my darling wife 
Into a rage she flew!

"Well, I’m always tired!  I’m hot!  I’m cold! 
I didn’t sleep last night! 
I’m fat!  I’m ugly!  I’m getting old! 
My clothes don’t fit me right!

I  think I’d like to KILL you, 
And I’d love to run away! 
But I know how that would thrill you, 
So, for spite, I think I’ll stay!

My body’s turned against me, 
And I want to SCREAM again! 
My hormones have convinced me 
That this "Change" is caused by MEN!

Yes, you just sit there smiling 
While I’m going through pure hell! 
You think you’re so beguiling? 
You think I couldn’t tell?

This is some cruel joke you play! 
It’s all your fault, no doubt! 
You never loved me anyway 
You selfish, brutish, lout!"

Yes, my sweetheart just turned forty-five, 
And she changes by the hour. 
Like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde 
She goes from sweet to sour!

But I’ve been told, "This is a phase." 
They say, "This, too, shall pass." 
So, I’ll remember better days, 
‘Till they come again….. 

Paul Weller 
Rio Dell, CA. 
By the way,  I love your web site AND the cartoon!! I wish you all the best!!I'll be a regular visitor to the Men's page!.

Someone sent me this post from a menopause message board:

"My sister-in-law was having night sweats and insomnia really bad. One night her husband in a half awake state and of course no glasses on, he said he was suddenly aware of a whooshing sound and could see red lights flashing as he looked towards his wife's side of the bed. He tells it like this "as I slowly woke up more, I realized Louise was fanning herself which made a whooshing sound and the red lights popping on and off were the numerals on the digital clock that he could see intermittently in between the waves of the fan."


thanks to Bill LaRocque

A Review (from a man) of Trisha Posner's book, 
"This is Not Your Mother's Menopause" 
 5 years too late!, November 27, 2000 
Reviewer: David C. Mezzera  from Vallejo, CA 
I read this book after seeing the author on the "Today" Show this past summer. She presented such a sensitive and personal portrayal of menopause, a subject I had chosen to overlook while my wife was going through the change of life a few years ago. That led me to read the book in hopes of gaining an understanding and empathy for what my wife had gone through. 

The book indeed gave me an insight into issues such as hot flashes, headaches and lowered libido, so much so that I now wish my wife and I had read this book while she was menopausal. The non-HRT analysis in the book would have been important to her - the empathy gained from understanding the issue of menopause would be important to any significant other!


Ways to Support your Wife through Menopause

MEN SURVIVING MENOPAUSE: You and the Woman You Love at Mid-life 
by Paul Selinger

Menopause Manners for Men




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