Life In Middle Age And Beyond

Life in Middle Age and Beyond

24 February 2014

Grandma Angst

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 Oh the joys and angst of being a grandmother! I have 7 grandchildren, 5 boys and 2 girls, ranging from 5 mo. 
to 18 yrs. old, and it's supposed to be all good, right? Don't have to worry about all the little details of raising kids, right? Wrong! Now we have to worry about how our KIDS are raising our grandkids! But unless you were perfect while raising your kids, you will most likely have to keep your concerns and criticisms to yourself (or share with other grandparents) because your "advice" will not be welcomed and you will most likely be reminded that it's (1) not your job to create the same rules you had and (2) the world has changed a lot since you were the parent of small children or teens.

24 September 2013

Am I Really on Medicare?

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Am I really on Medicare???

It's been 10months since I moved to Texas and posted here. Why has it been so long? Well, I was promising myself to make at least one post a month, but after a quick "note" in February (about side effects of another drug for menopausal women), I woke up in the middle of the night with searing pain in my left knee. Seriously, I thought someone was cutting off my leg or something! How do you injure yourself while sleeping???

About an hour later I could finally stand up, but the pain was still excruciating and to make a  long story shorter, I spent the next 3 months limping, not knowing what was wrong with my knee (which was swollen too) and then having that injury make the arthritis flare up in my TOES of all places! That made it even more difficult to walk and to go up and down the stairs. I couldn't do my daily walks, which was very disturbing after walking nearly every day for 3 1/2 years to keep my weight and blood sugar under control.


12 September 2013

On the road to fitness....I think!

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I finally joined a gym!

Are they even called "gyms" anymore? Ok, how about workout center? 
Fitness place? I don't know what they're called, but I do know that even a free membership is not enough incentive for me to start going, but I'm trying...I swear! Even went and bought 3 outfits to wear then ended up taking them back because I didn't want to look too "cutesy"! I figured I've got enough things to wear and I probably won't be there long enough to even get sweaty! LOL!

Since I got the (1) free membership (Silver Sneakers) with Medicare and since the orthopedic doc said (2) I should get some physical therapy for my knee that doesn't involve walking, and since it's (3) so freakin' hot here in Texas, I figured there's no time like the present!

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