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"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; 
we must die to one life before we can enter another."  ~Anatole France


"Dee, Your web-site is a one-stop, full-service, menopause information and humor. Thank you!"

--Judy Paley, M.D.

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"Dee Adams is revolutionizing the way people view menopause..." 
said by JuJu Chang in PBS series, Art of Women's Health

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"Your site gives hope, inspiration and laughter to women when they are approaching 
a sometimes difficult transition in their lives."

"thanks for the great humerous and educational info.  you are great.  come back to copper harbor, michigan sometime and keep cool and smiling."

Thank you so much for making my week. I still have tears from laughing so much as I write this. I am nearly 52 and was trying desperately to find a funny side to all this. This site is a breath of fresh air in a heat ridden body. I am passing it on to friends and workmates who I know will enjoy it as much as I have. I have survived a winter with all my jumpers never leaving my wardrobe. I have survived summer  hot flushes without ripping my clothes off in public (my workmates advising me not to as I work in a library). It looks like I will make it after all. It so comforting to hear people sharing their thoughts when so many around you think I'm ready for the looney bin because of the things I say and do.   Kym

God bless you!!! I knew that I was in the midst of perimenopause, but until I read the humorous end of it seemed like no one knew what the "deal" was. I looked over the 35 symptoms and recognized that I did have quite a few.... gee, aside from IBS your site was a refreshing site for my mood. I immediately saw the light of day with perimen.... and your cartoons made my day... will definitely visit your site again... thanks for making my week!!!!...I now understand why I have been feeling a bit anxious, a bit forgetful, and irritable... no other website put it into perspective for me like yours.... hope to keep in touch with you... Nancy 

I am a 51 year old woman, living in California, and "flashing", LOL. I looked for 'help' on the Net with this, some months ago. Google pointed me to your site, ,and I loved it!!! I especially was charmed with the fan you have on there. I could swear that just looking at that image whirring around in my face - even without the breeze - cooled me off and calmed me down! Too hilarious! I think you do a valuable public service, and that your stuff should get more exposure. :) Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I am glad you are here! 

"Thank you so much for making my week. I still have tears from laughing so much as I write this. I am nearly 52 and was trying desperately to find a funny side to all this. This site is a breath of fresh air in a heat ridden body. I am passing it on to friends and workmates who I know will enjoy it as much as I have. I have survived a winter with all my jumpers never leaving my wardrobe. I have survived summer  hot flushes without ripping my clothes off in public (my workmates advising me not to as I work in a library). It looks like I will make it after all. It so comforting to hear people sharing their thoughts when so many around you think I'm ready for the looney bin because of the things I say and do."   Kym in Australia

"I just have to say "Thank you" for your Minnie Pauz website.  It has been my 
source of sanity when some strange new thing starts taking over my body. 
All I have to do is read through the message boards, and the relief starts 
to sink in.  Your website is a godsend for us "Pauzers"--especially for 
those of us who never experienced PMS symptoms until now." 
With much appreciation, 

"Thanks for giving me a reason to laugh about menopause!!" 
"Looks like a fun place to visit!" 
"Much Needed! Bless You!" 
"I just found your site and I am rollin on the floor...LOL!!!" 
" I just came across your site this morning and it was kinda like finding 
a long lost relative - a sister, so to speak." 
"Your website is so helpful because it 
informs us about symptoms our mothers never spoke about, except Hot Flashes. 
I can not thank you enough for easing my worries." 
"I think sometimes we ALL think of ourselves as being just like Minnie whether we are or not. 
That's why it's so easy for me to relate to her and this website." 
I do think we all agree upon how much you have touched our lives. Thank you so much for you!!


I really do enjoy your website.  You have got to be the funniest person I know!  And believe me, I need HRT (Humor Replacement Therapy) at this time in my life!!!  Keep it up and THANKS! .........Brenda

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Thank you, ma'am, for making my day.  I look forward to visiting your site daily just because it helps me know I am not alone.  You've done a wonderful thing for women everywhere! My best to you! Kath

I can't tell you what it has meant to have your site as a source not only of information, but of some of the greatest laughter.  Thank you so much.  I have always felt like a rebel too, but I love your "rebel with the pause" line.  Thanks for helping those of us who are "older" get a grip.  Keep up the great work. Best regards, Julie S., Chatsworth,  California

Dee, you've done a brilliant job with the website. Thanks for providing it and doing what you can. I feel I can finally get somewhere with this perimenopause stuff by just knowing who I can go to, nearby!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

Your website has helped me tremendously especially with education. I've had to have a total hysterectomy, but considering the consequences I don't mind. Thanks to reading various articles on your website, I was able to make an educated decision to have the surgery and feel good about it. Instead of feeling like I am less of a woman, I now feel like a very free and liberated woman to enjoy my sexuality and my spouse to the fullest.

You have the absolute wittiest website I have ever come across.  I am approaching 55 and although I had a hysterectomy (leaving the ovaries) 7 years ago, my ovaries were still functioning at last exam.  I  started myself on Remifemin and it gave me hot flashes!  I only took it for four or five days and it threw me into a tizzy!  A new doctor had informed me that 'if I were his wife I'd already be on hormones' so I tried the OTC therapy.  Never again!  I have more confidence in myself and my own judgment since visiting your site regularly. Keep up the great work!!! Linda in Indiana


Your newsletters have been awesome...God bless you are one hell of a woman with incredible imagination to boot! We are all very lucky to have someone as special as you to share all of our menopause episodes with so much right between the eyes humor.  All my best, Norma M.

"Dear Dee:  Thank you for your wonderful newsletter and cartoons.  My life is still sailing through menopause and have had a terrible time with it  Thank goodness for women like you.  Why do they call it "Menopause" ?  Is it a pause from men?  If so, I'm glad...wish my husband would be more supportive. I am sending a contribution to help you keep your "rebel with a pause cause" and am passing the word on about your site.  Thanks again, Kathy Cross-Stroudsburg, Pa." 

"I recently downloaded the cartoon print of the woman at her desk within a 
jail cell. It was great! The print has help me cope and validate my bad days 
that are due to my hormonal imbalance.   Office mates (male and female) 
acknowledge and understand my behavior and now we laugh together and joke 
about it. This helps me a great deal at the office."

I love the MiniPauz Website  and have been on your mailing list for years now. I was wondering  if you have -- or considered having your cartoons published, in a book, like John McPherson, Gary Larson, and countless others?  I absolutely love your humor!!   I sit at my computer an laugh, heartily, out loud!  Thank you for using your wonderful gift of humor! I'm continually recommending your web-site to my friends, and they thank me.  Of all the automatic mailings I have had, at one time or another, sent to my email-box, yours is the only one that I have NEVER unsubscribed to, or even thought about doing so.  Thank you, again!

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Just read the stories from readers.  Loved them.  I guess I am not going nuts after all.  I have had so many Minnie Pauz moments its not funny.  I really thought I was going crazy.  I hate having such a bad memory.  It was so good to read what other women are going through and how laughing at it helps.  Does this ever get better,  or are we gonna be regarded as "looney" the rest of our lives?  Oh well, now I know this just what all we women must go through I will try to laugh too.  Sometimes thats all you can do.  Anyways thanks for being there for this often times forgotten segment of our population.  I will be returning to this site again and again.........Barb 

Dear Dee, I can not thank you enough for being so generous with your website and newsletter help. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Tibby Clark 

I found your site imformative and humerous, which i personally found helpfull. Keep up the good work, and keep the humour going. Thanks so much, Tracey    (England)



I found your site through the Atkins Friends Playground, and I LOVE IT! I'm 51 and had a hysterectomy 10 years ago (still have ovaries). Since I don't have a period, I wasn't sure how I'd know when menopause arrived. Well, I have been feeling crummy and strange lately, and your site made me realize that exhaustion, weight gain, numb arms and hands every night, no sex drive, loss of memory, and strange body odor might just mean something! I'm going to the doctor on Thursday! I can't thank you enough! 

Just a quick note (now that I know there's a real person on the other side of this email)-- I learned A LOT from the site, which put my questions and fears at ease. The site is like the "mother we never had" for those of us who had 
no one to tell us about the "later years." It's made a huge difference in my attitude and I've shared the site with several coworkers who I thought were in my "boat," too.  It's been great. L.


Dear Dee, 
I really don't know if you realize how you have helped us women out there who are going through this very trying time of our lives.  I will be 45 in May and thought for sure back in June 2001, I had lost my mind. Your comic strip and symptom information truly made my week, until then I sometimes felt alone. I thank God for your incredible sense of humor. Through God's help and your site it has brighted my days.  I have told many of my co-workers about the site, and wish you much success in the future.  Thank you so much and may God richly bless you.  By the way, I have studied much in regard to Pause and have found that nutrition, excercise, many vitamins, and lots of prayer and trusting God work!!  Keep up the great work! Love, Marge, Florida

"Oh my gosh.... I have tears in my eyes laughing.... They are too funny!" 

Adding a sense of humor to my life when all hell seems to be coming loose is 
vital to my well being. I have Minniepauz cartoons posted in my office to 
remind just how normal I am. Thanks, Lynda

Thankyou -I have just changed from a normal person to another being - very frightening due to the dreaded menopause and you have no idea how comforting you have been -at times recently I have thought that i WAS LOSING MY WITS - so comforting to know that others are in the same boat- thank you  so much.

I just finished radiation..and i am having trouble with hot flashes.... feeling low found your site and really laughed for the first time since december..thank you very much for telling it like it is.... Lynette

I think Minnie Pauz is wonderful.  I am 54 and feel great except for my thyroid.  Which has little to do with menopause. You brighten my day.  Thanks!...........Bobbie Perkins

Words cannot express how thank full I am I found this sight! I am 27 years old and am now going through early menopause, and am on HRT (estratest) You are not supposed to be 27 and have 2 small children and a young marriage when you go through this. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. I have the best most supportive husband but I am so glad I found a sight like yours. Thank you so much!

Your page is the most pleasant thing in the internet. Whenever I have a 
couple of minutes at work to spare, guess where I go.... 

   I found it yesterday and spent an hour or so looking at the cartoons and haven't laughed so hard in ages. I think you will find a few you can relate to. 

"I thank the good Lord every day for your web site!" 

Can't believe it, but now I'm referring my daughters to your site!  Boy, don't want to admit it, but "I'm sure getting younger!" 
You're becoming "generational"... Love your updates and Miss Minnie has become a friend to "many" during their "pause" 

This is the most adorable website on the internet today for us gals suffering the effects of the wonderful "meno 
   bug!" I have been to Dee's site many, many times when I felt there was no humor left in my life. And her 
   cartoons always managed to bring a smile to my face, and sometimes just when I needed it most, a darn good 
   laugh! This website should be listed in the search engines under "Menopause Management" in my opinion!!

Your site helped me every day of my "change" (lol) I recommend it to all of my friends.Thanks so much for being there!!

"I love your site! Your humor adds a whole new dimension to menopause!" 

Just wanted to tell you thank you for all of the work you do and the hysterical cartoons that help me laugh at these, "the best of times and the worst of times".  Your site gives normalcy to this rite of passage, regardless of the blips.  Ella

Thanks for a site that has explained so many of my symptoms!!!  Wish I had found you a year sooner.  Minnie could have saved me a lot of money and time. What I thought was in my head has been explained!!!  Doctors had me going through so many test!!!  No one ever has told me about the feeling of skin crawling.  I was tested for everything from a brain tumour to nerve 
damage!!! Here in Ms. I seem to be going through a solid Hot Flash!!   Thanks for all!!!   Minnie Pauz is my new best friend!!!   Renee

I just love what you are doing with your Minnie Pauz site, it has 
really helped me to keep a sense of humor especially when I'm having 
those senior moments. 

I haven't had such a good laugh in ages!  You're right - if they don't get it, they're not there yet. Keep them coming - it's good to realize that I'm not alone and that my sense of humor is still intact.  Thanks! Barb 

I certainly don't want to lose my link to Minnie Pauz and some of the best laughs I have had in my life.  Even though I am past 
menopause ... I still need a "GOOD LAUGH" quite often. Gerri 

You are a definite asset to the menopause sector of the population....keep the cartoons coming. 
Judi Munson 
New Dimensions Business Consulting/Coaching

Dear Dee, 
I am a nursing student pursuing my Master of Science degree at Mount Saint Mary College. I did an educational program on Menopause. I just wanted to let you know that my presentation went well. Your cartoons enhanced my presentation! I showed them at the end of my presentation and the participants LOVED them! They laughed and thought the cartoons were GREAT!!!!!! One participant commented on them for about 10 minutes after my presentation stating," Thanks for making me laugh and get through this time of life." Thanks again Dee. 

I love your newsletter and have introduced your site to many friends. Some days it is my salvation to make it through the day. I am fifty and just starting to learn what the real important things in life are all about. As a new Grandmother 2x's since March and happily married for 30 years I feel very lucky to be who I am and in good health. Please keep up your good work!!! 

"HI: I am long past menopause, I am 70, I happened on your site by accident this week, and I have had the most sidesplitting laughs I have had in many years, thanks to your cartoons! You deserve an Oscar ,an Emmy, a Tony, a Pulizer, whatever. You have made us laugh at ourselves AND THAT IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT..... 
Keep on truckin' .....Norma

"I have been on EVERY possible menopause site out there on the internet today. And I've learned by reading stories from others that I am normal...miserable at times...but normal!! Today, I visited and for the FIRST time since these horrible symptoms started, I actually laughed at menopause!! A MUST SEE for all of us sufferers out here! If we have to endure this "God forsaken" change, then why not laugh a little during the journey!! THANK you for creating this website Dee! I for one needed the humor!!" Kleeo 

I came across your site today, and got one gigantic laugh.The "micro-wave popcorn" gave me  
the best laugh I've had in ages. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work !!!!!  
Angie in (southern) New Jersey

It certainly is true we need to make this stage of life not so cut off from the rest of life.....menopause can certainly be a lonely place, a dark and cold place when you are going through it. But, thanks to your minniepauz site and humor everything seems so much better. Thank you for having the ability to do the cartoons, and write what you do. I really enjoy hearing from you. 

Thank you for your 35 possible symptoms of menopause. I will be showing it to my  General doctor. I am sure he will be glad because He had no idea whatsoever why I was feeling all those symptoms . He said there was nothing wrong with me. In fact, the way he spoke made me feel he thought I needed a psychiatrist. I will now go to my gynecologist and have a long talk with her. Again, Thank You so much for your informative article.

Hi Dee, 
Yeah, I know that you hear it all the time, but I just have to tell you HOW  your site has really helped me. :~) I am 55 and had a complete hysterectomy years ago.  They gave me estrogen to take and said take it everyday and I have been doing that faithfully ever since.  No one ever has told me what to expect in changes that would occur.  I am almost ashamed to admit this but I will (hehahe).  Here's a snippet of my story.

I did not have memory problems right least any to worry about....I'd just laugh about it and call it one of my "squirrelly" days.  As time went on the memory problem has increased.  Losing my car in the parking lot, getting lost in the market (that I have shopped in for years) and can't find my way out, misplacing things, forgetting the things my kids know when they say, mom do you remember when we........ahhh, no I don't remember you guys doing they don't bother, they just tell me about the incident and laugh, because mom can't remember anymore.  This became so bothersome to me that I thought I must have Alzheimer's disease.  This is tooo funny......I went to my doctor...she is a young, little thing.....(had to change physician due to my new insurance) I told her what was happening to me and she says yes, you are getting OLDER (the nerve of her) and there is the possibility that you are getting Alzheimer's.  (I do have a history of mini strokes) so she ordered a CT scan of my brain.  When it was all said and done she said that 2 of my TIAs  were in fact small strokes, and it may be contributing to some of my memory problems.  She went on to say it was just a guess, but yes I could be in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's....End of that.....So, I had resigned myself to believe that this was what has caused all these problems.  Hahahaha!

After finding your site, quite by accident, I know now that I am suffering from menopause......Lord, Lord, why couldn't one of my doctors have told me to expect these could have saved me years of secretly worrying about what was wrong with my brain.  :~)  I've always been able to laugh about all the silly things I do, but deep within, thought the worse.  Now, I know there are millions of us babyboomers "suffering with the worse" and it is perfectly normal.  So, thanks for the best site ever to come across my screen......It has the humor that is needed to go through this, but is very informative. 
Sincerely yours, 

Edie Davis I really enjoy your Minnie Pauz character.  She expresses so much  
with just her body language! Love your cartoons, you have a wonderful gift!
Pat Stull, Florida I love the new cartoon "Work at Home". Although I work at the office, it was almost like looking in the mirror this morning when I read it from my frantic, backed up, desk! Thanks for making my Monday morning a little lighter!!!
Marilyn  Such fun to check out the goodies regularly. I get up early 
as you can see and love my daily "fix" of Minnie
Andrea Lapey, President 
Cool Flash Products
Minnie is cool even during meltdown. Keep it coming!
Natalie Hubby and I went through all the toons here.  He laughed at most of them too. 
Tracee Cornforth  
* Freelance Writer *  
Dallas, TX
I love your character, 'Minnie Pauz' and I am including a  link to your page in my newsletter today.
Ginny Grein
You have a really cute site.  It is a good idea.
Tim Arends  
You have a great, unique style, something that many artists don't achieve after years. Keep up the good work!
Tom Alyea Love your cartoons! Keep makin' um laugh. 
Marie Bennett  
I'm not yet of the age you are targeting, but I called my mom and told her to check your site out, and she got a kick out of it. I look forward to your hot and flashy presence on the Hysteria site as well.
Hilda Dee, she is wonderful...Looks just like me - rounded and soften out in all the right spots. these are priceless. I'm gong to copy Minnie for my GY Dr. He'll get a heck of a kick out of them. Can't wait for your CARDS to come out! 
I loved Minnie Pauz very much. Enjoyed the newest Minnie.
TwinMom I think your cartoons are very cute
Juno I LOVE your cartoons & that's no joke
Brisbain, Australia
You're the best thing that's happened to menopause - thanks for the laughter
Kathy Hartman Love the Minnie cartoons--laughter is the best medicine!
K Kelly Funny stuff, Minnie. Keep up the good work! :-)
Debby/Canada the Zoo Minnie Pauz had me on the floor!!!.  I loved it.  How could you possibly be nervous about people's reaction when it is so obviously WONDERFUL.  Keep up  the good work.
Sharon fantastic...I was laughing out loud!!!! You and Minnie just get better and better, Dee!
chandis/texas This is the best yet! Unfortunately, I REALLY relate!
Nan/WA  I laughed so loudly, that I scared my little cat, Zora, and she fell off the file cabinet,  
which is right next to my computer!  Absolutely great, Dee!
Marty I love her pear shape. And guess what: if you are gonna be overweight, being pear shaped is healthier than being apple shaped like me. Aren't you glad Minnie is the shape she is? I wish I were.
Keri Webb Love your Minnie Pauz page and would like to link to it if that is Ok. My page is for my recently published Menopause humor and insight book, "The Hum-again Screech-again Menopause Madness Book". I'm about to add afew links to other interesting sites - yours is a natural.
Anita...NCarolina ..terrific!!! Still favor the ZOO & LATTE
Nevada Gutierrez,  
I really like the Minnie Pauz concept and artwork...You're doing a fabulous job!
Judge Cohen,  
I think the concept is strong what with all the boomers headed to and  
through the pause
Gloria, Arizona I think Minnie is wonderful she made my day. Thanks Minnie
Dolores Poitz Hope you can get Minnie marketed, I know I would be very interested in getting some of the merchandise to give as gifts. Keep up the talented, caring work
Jim Branscum, Artist
Dee Adams' cartoons are funny and well drawn.  I can not give her site a higher recommendation.
Blowing Rock, NC
Your venture with Minnie fills a void for we boomers.
San Diego
You have got to get your greeting card site up soon! I came upon your cartoons by accident, and haven't stopped laughing yet. I have 3 sisters and all of us are at different stages of the big "M". I have emailed your cartoons to them and we want more.
Saskatchewan, Canada
Fantastic cartoons. I couldn't stop laughing and even printed a couple off just to put on my fridge. Keep up the great work!
Barb W. 
Michigan & Florida
I loved your work, and can relate to every one. Will keep checking for new 
cartoons on your site, and I'm sending the web address to my daughters-in-law
Elizabeth H. Morrison,  
MD, MSEd  
Director of Maternity  
Care Education 
Department of Family Medicine, 
University of California, Irvine
Thanks so much for sharing your great cartoons!  I am a woman family 
physician and I am giving a talk on menopause for some of my colleagues (at the annual assembly of the California Academy of Family Physicians).  I wondered if I might obtain your permission to show one of your wonderful cartoons in my slide show  I am trying to educate my colleages about what it's like to be a woman getting older in our society and I think humor is a great way to do that. 
Joyce Spurgin 
Nursing Instructor 
Murray State College 
Nursing Program 
Tishomingo, OK 
I am an instructor in an associate degree nursing program.  I love your cartoons.  I think they would enhance my lectures on menopause.........
A Fan Dear Minnie, I just stumbled across your site and read all your jokes. I nearly peed my pants. Thank you for making my day. My doctor just told me yesterday that I am now in menopause. Yeah.  I did indeed need a laugh. Thanks again.
JC Thank you for making my day, these are the funniest cartoons I've ever 
Julia Ousterhout


I just discovered your cartoons today and think you've found a unique niche.  I've never seen anyone else who looks at this stage in life with so much humor, and I've read a lot of books and Internet stuff on menopause. Thanks for brightening my day.  I'll think of Minnie when I have my next hot flash.
Ann You seem to have become one of my favorite sources of quotes - for whatever occasion.  I even shared one of your cartoons with my therapist to illustrate how I was feeling.  After a good laugh, we used it as a way to close a difficult session - nothing like a good laugh to relax a person.  Keep up the good work!  You are an inspiration! Thanks!
julie brofman dear minnie,  
    after my first 2 nights of hot flashes i was feeling very distracted and in the mood for at least 3 or 4 balling sessions because every little thing was enough to make me want to cry.  so i went on the web and saw your listing and must say it made me take light of it despite my extreme fatigue! hopefully a little kava kava will put me under.  anyway, i appreciated your levity and wanted to say "keep up the good work"! 
Louise K. Just want to thank you for bringing to light all the inconveniences and annoyances that we women suffer during and after menopause.  I have passed this along to my fellow menopausal friends and believe me, we are still laughing.  Keep up the good work.
Sue I do mammography in a town of 30,000--busy to say the least.Your cartoons help my ladies take the compression "gracefully"! Thank you!
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